The Armed Forces of Ukraine have improved their positions in the world rankings

The Ukrainian army is among the top 25 strongest armies in the world. In two years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have risen by four places in the ranking.

UA reports this with reference to the Global Firepower Index 2021.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine took the 25th place in the Global Firepower Index 2021 with an index of 0.4396.

Compared to the previous rating, the Ukrainian army has improved its position by two places.

As before, the strongest armies in the world are the United States (0.0718). This is followed by Russia (0.0791) and China (0.0854). The top five includes India (0.1207) and Japan (0.1599).

Global Firepower evaluates countries on 55 indicators: the number of weapons, military equipment and the size of the army. The experts also took into account transport infrastructure, the military budget, access to oil, and so on.

(c) Ukrinform


  • Good news for Ukraine, bad news for Muscovy. The list is interesting, out of 27 NATO countries, only 9 are placed above Ukraine. The score is based on 55 indicators, but I guess NATO have their own indicators, like cowardice and Putler lovers, which neither apply to Ukraine.

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    • Membership should be based on willingness to fight Russia.
      If that was expedited, only the US, UK, Canada, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden would remain, plus possibly Turkey. Finland might join and so would Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

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    • Ukraine should team up with Japan, Georgia, Moldova, Estonia, Finland, and possibly Syria, Yemen and the C.A.R. where Putin has illegal occupations and make joint statements and decisions. This would bolster Ukraine’s position in her fight to get her territory back. After all, there is strength in numbers.

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  • While the Air Force and Navy still leaves a lot to be desired. It is still on 1992 level in comparison..

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  • Good news!
    NATO, take note. Mafia land too! Ukraine is a force to be reckoned with.

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