Rosstat: 299 thousand people with coronavirus died in Russia in nine months

In January-September 2021, the death rate among patients with coronavirus in Russia was 299 thousand people. For the entire 2020, 163 thousand people with covid died in the country. RBC writes about this with reference to  Rosstat data .

In September 2021 (this is the last month for which Rosstat information is available ), 44.3 thousand patients with coronavirus died in Russia. In over 33,000 cases, covid has been identified as the leading cause of death.

Compared to August 2021, the number of deaths of COVID-19 patients decreased by 11%. In August, 49.9 thousand such deaths were recorded. In July, there were 51 thousand of them, which was the highest monthly figure since the beginning of the pandemic.

In total, since the beginning of 2021, the death rate among patients with coronavirus has reached 299 thousand people (against 163.3 thousand for the entire last year). If we count only cases where COVID-19 is accurately or with a high probability recognized as the main cause of death, their number exceeded 246 thousand in 2021 (against 144.7 thousand for the entire 2020).

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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