“Forge on Rybalsky”: investigators of the SBI decided to steer new assault boats and damaged them 

The Kuznitsa na Rybalskiy shipbuilding plant accused investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation of damaging one of the Centaur-LK-class assault boats that are being tested in Odessa.

This was reported by the Pryamoy TV channel .

According to the shipbuilders, law enforcement officers who are investigating fabricated criminal proceedings against the management of the enterprise and the former Deputy Minister of Defense have entrusted the management of the ship to their own employees who have no professional training.

“On October 23, the Stanislav boat was taken out to sea without the commissioning team of the Kuznitsa na Rybalskiy plant (the keys were forcibly taken from the shipbuilding engineers, – Ed.). After the boat returned during mooring, it received damage to the structure of the stern area of ​​the water cannon fencing. The plant’s specialists stated that now the boat needs repairs, ”the plant workers say.

The second boat, Malin, was taken out to sea by the SBI yesterday, October 28, “to conduct an investigative experiment”. They also could not moor him properly. The Kuznitsa specialists had to intervene and help the investigators with the mooring in order to protect the DShK and the people on board.

At the same time, due to the inept actions of the investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation, one of the servicemen fell into the water.

Plant employees note that all the people on the boat were without life jackets, which is a gross violation of safety rules. The shipbuilders were unable to assess the technical condition of the “Malina”, since it was seized.

It also became known that the investigators replaced a certain detail on the boat without involving the specialists of the Kuznitsa.

“The use of an untrained crew and unauthorized replacement of spare parts means that the investigation distorts the technical characteristics of the vessels. All these circumstances give reason to doubt not only the professionalism, but also the impartiality of the investigation, ”the plant is sure.

The State Bureau of Investigation, in turn, reported on the successfully conducted investigative experiments: they say, they confirmed the inconsistency of the Centaurs with the requirements of the customer – the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“Experts from the Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, Zeppelin Ukraine LLC were involved in the experiments, who checked the operation of the equipment installed on the boats, as well as specialists from Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprises, and other persons. Investigative experiments were carried out in compliance with all the rules for the technical operation of ships, without any violations, by a professional crew of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, representatives of PJSC Kuznitsa na Ralskom ignored the invitation to take part in them, and the employees of the plant tried to create obstacles during the experiment. “

As a reminder, the RRB suspects the plant’s director Valeriy Shandra and the former Deputy Defense Minister Igor Pavlovsky of conspiracy to sell low-quality military equipment to the state. According to law enforcement officers, the boats do not meet the declared tactical and technical characteristics – first of all, in terms of speed. The RRB claims that in this way the state suffered damage in the amount of more than UAH 475 million.

In turn, Kuznitsa says that the decrease in speed characteristics was caused by circumstances that did not depend on the plant, in particular, the refusal of foreign suppliers to transfer specialized equipment to Ukraine (for example, water cannons). This fact, according to the shipbuilders, is simply hushed up by law enforcement officers.

Recall that two assault boats of the Centaur-LK type were launched on August 14, 2018 . On July 7, 2019, the ships received the names “Malin” L451 and “Stanislav” L450 , but were never included in the Navy.

In 2020, the “Kuznitsa” was supposed to launch another such boat, but the work was frozen .


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