Taiwan leader has ‘faith’ US will defend island against a Chinese attack

Tsai Ing-wen confirms US troops were training forces on the island.

. 28 October 2021 •

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen speaks during the Taiwan National Day celebrations in Taipei, Taiwan, 10 October 2021.
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has ‘faith’ the US will protect Taiwan from a Chinese attack. CREDIT: Epa-Efe/Shutterstock

Taiwan’s president says she has “faith” the United States would defend the island against a Chinese attack, as Beijing and Washington trade barbs over Taipei’s place on the global stage.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Tsai Ing-wen also confirmed for the first time that US troops were training Taiwanese forces on the island.

The comments from Tsai came after US President Joe Biden rebuked Beijing over its actions near Taiwan at a virtual East Asia summit attended by China’s premier.

A Chinook helicopter hoists a giant Taiwan flag as it flies above downtown Taipei during a Taiwan flag flyby rehearsal ahead of the country's National Day in Taipei, Taiwan, 07 October 2021.
A Chinook helicopter flies above downtown Taipei ahead of Taiwan’s National Day on Oct 7 CREDIT: EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The two world powers had already faced off over Taiwan’s involvement with the United Nations, with Washington saying it should be better integrated into the world body for “pragmatic” purposes – and Beijing saying it has no right to join.
The latest statements by Beijing, Washington and Taipei add to an escalation of diplomatic rhetoric and military posturing over the island.

China considers Taiwan – where nationalist forces fled in 1949 after losing a civil war to the communists – to be a province awaiting reunification, by force if necessary.

When asked by CNN if she was confident that the United States would help defend Taiwan if necessary against China, Tsai replied: “I do have faith.”

She highlighted the “wide range of cooperation with the US aiming at increasing our defense capability,” including the US military training of Taiwanese forces.

Taiwan functions like any other democratic country with its own elections, government, foreign policy and military. 

But in recent years, Beijing has escalated its threats to invade if Taiwan does not agree to unify with China, stepping up efforts to block Taiwanese participation in global bodies and flying hundreds of warplanes into its air defence zone, mostly near the disputed Dongsha islands.

At the East Asia summit, attended by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Biden said the United States was “deeply concerned by China’s coercive and proactive actions… across the Taiwan Strait.”

Such actions “threaten regional peace and stability,” Biden said.

Biden last week told a televised forum that the United States was ready to defend Taiwan from any Chinese invasion.

The comments were quickly walked back by the White House amid warnings from Beijing, continuing a strategy of ambiguity on whether it would intervene militarily if China attacked.

Tsai told CNN that despite China’s aggressive posturing, she is willing to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in order to “reduce misunderstanding” and address the differences in their political systems.

“We can sit down and talk about our differences, and try to make arrangements so that we will be able to co-exist peacefully,” she said.


  • Georgia had faith that the US would defend it against the putinazis. It has ended up today in the grip of a putler puppet government with its reforming president on the brink of death in prison on trumped up (by putler) charges.
    As for Ukraine, a succession of feckless US administrations has ensured that it is still under attack from the putinazis.
    I would not share Tsai Ing-wen’s faith, but I wish her success against the malignant Xi regime.

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  • Biden said the United States was “deeply concerned by China’s coercive and proactive actions… across the Taiwan Strait.”

    If you are that concerned, why not recognise Taiwan as an independent country, and show you are the world leader in democracy. If you recognise Taiwan as an independent country, many more will follow suit.

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  • Taiwan is an example of how China could have been if the communists had not prevailed in the civil war. A real tragedy for China and the world.
    A peaceful, happy and productive country, Taiwan has a population of 23.5m and a GDP of $668 Bn ($32,000 per capita), despite having limited natural resources.

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  • How can anyone have faith in us after what Biden did in Afghanistan? It baffles the mind…

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    • The afghans (muslims) do not share our values, the taiwanese do. They will not run away (other than the ‘muslim’ afghans), but fight. That scares Red China.

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      • I don’t know Mike. One point four billion against twenty-four million? I think the Taiwan Strait is a bigger deterrent than either the Taiwanese or us, under the yellow-streaked Biden.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Or Georgia…or Ukraine…or Libya…or Syria…
      The Left in the US abandons any other regions fighting for democracy because they only support it in words. In real actions they support the Marxists especially through trade and corrupt legislation. As an example, have you even heard ONE American Democrat accuse China of releasing the Wuhan virus? Have you heard ONE American Democrat support tariffs on China? Have you heard even ONE American Democrat support boycotting China’s upcoming Olympics?

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      • The “Democrats” have turned themselves into swamp dwellers. Only fools and daydreamers vote for such garbage … or as a thank you message from people that were allowed to illegally intrude into our country under Obumer and Bidenov.

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