I was driving at great speed without a license. All the details about the fatal road accident in Kharkov and its 16-year-old culprit, who repeatedly violated the law

On the evening of October 26, at a crossroads on Gagarina Avenue in Kharkov, a fatal accident occurred : 16-year-old Nikolai Kharkivsky, driving an Infiniti, drove at a high speed into a red light at an intersection and crashed into a Chevrolet car, whose 58-year-old driver died on the spot.

Three Infiniti passengers – two 19-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl – were seriously injured. The culprit of the accident was not seriously injured.

Soon, information appeared on the Web that Kharkivsky more than once demonstratively violated traffic rules. In addition, local Telegram channels reported that at the age of 14, the teenager started shooting from a pneumatic pistol, wounding a 39-year-old woman and her 19-year-old son.

What is known about the accident

The police of the Kharkiv region reported that the accident occurred at about 20:40. According to preliminary data, the Infiniti driver tried to pass the intersection at a red traffic light. The police released a video of the accident , which shows that the speed of the Infiniti at the time of the collision was very high. Also, the police said that Infiniti collided not only with a Chevrolet car, but also with a Skoda car, which was parked.

First, the police report mentions three victims, and then two.

Photos and videos from the scene immediately appeared on the Web, in which you can see three victims lying on the ground and the culprit of the accident – 16-year-old Nikolai Kharkivsky. In the video, he approaches the injured girl, who asks him to find her phone, looks for the phone and leaves with it, and then tells one of the witnesses that he was not drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Another video shows casualties, a badly damaged Infiniti vehicle, and the arrival of an ambulance and rescuers.

The Kharkiv Life Telegram channel reported the death of one of the Infiniti passengers, but in the video attached to this message, rescuers are using special tools to extract the body of an accident victim from a Chevrolet.

In the message of the State Emergency Service it is indicated that only the Chevrolet driver was killed, and four people in Infiniti were injured. Also in the message of the State Emergencies Service there is a photo with a Chevrolet heavily damaged as a result of an accident and the body of a dead man covered with it.

Telegram channel Kharkiv 1654 published a photo of the perpetrator of the accident, and also – with reference to Kharkiv LIVE – that his parents immediately after the incident filed a complaint about theft of an Infiniti car.

“ I didn’t understand what it was, and that’s why I left. The roar was strong. Cars started to stop, people came up and pulled out the victims, ”said a witness to the accident.

Evgeny Khrapol, a witness to the accident, said that one victim had a bloody face and was unconscious.

“The second one was lying on his stomach, at first he did not move at all. Subsequently, he began to show signs of life. I can’t say anything about him, I haven’t seen him. And the girl, she was shocked. She cried all the time. She was in shock and complained of abdominal pain, ”he said.

The TSN plot also notes that the impact of the Chevrolet flew 100 meters from the intersection at which the accident occurred. The Chevrolet driver was in the car himself.

What is known about victims of road accidents

On October 27, Deputy Mayor of Kharkiv Svetlana Gorbunova-Ruban said that three injured Infiniti passengers are in an ambulance hospital .

One of the 19-year-olds has a closed head injury, concussion, head contusions, left shoulder dislocation and torso contusions.

The second has a closed craniocerebral injury, concussion, bruises of the head and neck, a closed fracture of the clavicle on the left.

A 16-year-old girl has a closed fracture of the left hip, soft tissue contusions of the head and trunk.

According to Gorbunova-Ruban, they are all in a stable condition, there is no threat to their lives.

“The driver was not seriously injured for 16 years, he was treated on an outpatient basis, and he left the hospital,” she also said.

What is known about the culprit of the accident

On October 27, the police confirmed that the perpetrator of the accident is 16 years old. The police said that no signs of alcoholic intoxication were found either on him or on the Chevrolet driver.

After the accident, the teenager was detained.

Even on the evening of the accident, information appeared in social networks and the media that his name was Nikolai Kharkivsky.

Telegram-channel Kharkiv 1654 published information that in 2019 Kharkivsky, who at that time was 14 years old, offended a peer, and when her mother came to talk to him, he shot a 39-year-old woman and her 19-year-old son from pneumatic pistol .

The Vgorode edition reported on this shooting on November 7, 2019, the incident occurred in the Tavria V. supermarket Then the shooting was qualified as hooliganism. The edition mentions only the name of the shooter – Nikolay.

The injured Vlad Vasiliev said that his sister and Nikolai at that time had known each other for about a month and studied in different schools. According to him, Nikolai began to offend her, and he and his mother decided to talk to him.

“ I approached him, and he began to threaten me and my family. To say that we are nobody, and he will put us in the police, and then we will pay him money. I pushed him to me, and he began again to declare his high position – that his jacket is worth more than my family, and I will not see that kind of money, – says Vlad. – After our proposal with my mother to go to a quieter and more peaceful place, he agreed, but when we were going down the escalator, Nikolai opened fire. 5-7 shots went to me and 1-2 to my mother – today she is undergoing an operation to extract bullets. They took a bullet out of my head and finished the operation, ”Vasiliev said then.

The material also contains a video from the scene after the shooting.

The incident with the shooting on November 7, 2019, without giving the name of the 14-year-old shooter and without disclosing the cause of the conflict, was also reported by the police .

On October 27, 2021, the head of the department of the police investigation department, Alexander Umnikov, said during a briefing that a 16-year-old teenager drove an Infiniti without a driver’s license  – he does not have a license at all, he never received one. The police clarified that the Infiniti car was registered to the driver’s mother. Both the mother and father of Nikolai Kharkovsky, according to the police, live in Kharkov.

Umnikov added that the driver was taken to the emergency hospital with a diagnosis of ” craniocerebral trauma, head abrasions”, he did not need hospitalization. According to the policeman, the examination showed that the teenager was not in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

The head of the patrol police department, Alena Strizhak, said that in September a 16-year-old driver was stopped and fined for not having a driver’s license. Two protocols were drawn up, which were sent to the court.

In addition, in July 2021, the Chervonozavodsk court of Kharkov sentenced him to two years in prison under Art. 75 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine with a suspended sentence of one year for intentional infliction of moderate bodily harm.

Umnikov said this in response to a question about whether the culprit of the accident really staged a shooting in a supermarket in 2019. The head of the police investigation department did not specify whether the verdict was passed for this particular shooting.

Umnikov also said that the police would insist on the arrest of the teenager . On the same day, October 27, Nikolai Kharkovsky was informed of the suspicion .

The Newsroom article says that Nikolai Kharkivsky’s mother was the founder of Financial Initiative LLC, which provided brokerage and securities transactions. His father, Mikhail Kharkovsky, is engaged in the wholesale trade of meat and meat products.

“ Social networks write that, in particular, he traded on the Central Market,” the newspaper notes.

It is also reported that Nikolai Kharkivsky is a student of one of the Kharkov technical schools, before that he studied at the private gymnasium Ochag.

“ Nikolai was enrolled in the fifth grade. He studied distance learning, he handed in work at an average and sufficient level, and there were “10”. Two years ago, right after the ninth grade, the parents took away the documents, ”said the director of the gymnasium Larisa Sereda.

Blogger Anna Krivuts, who spoke with a 16-year-old Infiniti driver who caused an accident in Kharkiv, said that he boasted to her about violations of the PDR and the high status of the family .

“ He started telling me that he crashed a Porsche, Ford, Dodge, Camry, started sending videos in private messages, crossing a solid double, driving red at high speed,” the girl said.

According to her, the young man told her that ” any issue can be solved for $ 100-200,” and he had ” normal parents, there is a car.”

“ You drive an AvtoVAZ car, you cannot afford it. And I drive an expensive car, you can buy everything from us, ”the girl quoted his message from the correspondence.

He also wrote to her that he ” would have surprised even more” if not for the suspended sentence for the shooting.

Several videos appeared on Telegram channels that Nikolai Kharkivsky allegedly published on social networks. One of them was filmed in a car driving at a red traffic light.

In another video, a man in a car obscenely ” sends” a police officer.

What the relatives of the deceased and injured in the accident say

The son of a man who died in an accident, in a comment to TSN, expressed the hope that the culprit would be held accountable .

“ I wish there were no excuses. That it became bad, that he was dying at the wheel, something else. He just drove fast and he didn’t care about everyone, ”the man said.

The daughter of the deceased recorded a video message in which she asked for legal assistance in this case, and also called on the witnesses of the accident to respond .

“ We are looking for an experienced lawyer who can be with us in this situation, and people who yesterday caught up with the perpetrator of the accident and detained him. I ask you to show up. Do not be afraid. This is not scary, it’s scary to live with what you don’t do now, ”the girl said.

The sister of one of the victims, Maria K., told Newsroom that 16-year-old Liza K., the girl of Nikolai Kharkivsky, was in the front passenger seat of Infiniti, and 20-year-old Mikhail B. and 19-year-old Valery were in the back seat. According to her, from the impact, Mikhail flew out of the car window and hit his head on an advertising pillar and is now in the intensive care unit of the 4th ambulance with a traumatic brain injury, fractures of the joints and upper extremities.

Maria K. said that she was able to talk to her brother, who said that he was with a friend and his girlfriend when her friend Lisa drove up to them with Nikolay in an Infiniti.

According to Maria K., Nikolai began to brag about the car and said that his parents had given him his driver’s license and the car, and then the guys decided to take a ride.

She says that Mikhail filmed all the conversations and events in Infiniti on his phone, but after the accident his iPhone was stolen from the scene.

“ Yesterday, after the accident, Nikolai shouted that his mother was connected with the prosecutor’s office, and she would decide everything, and his father was a meat oligarch. They were not at the scene of the accident. Some Colin’s friend and friends of his parents came and poked money to the police right in the hospital, ”Maria also said.

When, during the incident, the head of the police investigation department Alexander Umnikov was asked about this, he could not confirm or deny this information. According to him, at the time when he himself went to the hospital, the perpetrator of the accident did not behave aggressively. He also stated that he did not know anything about attempts to bribe the police.

Maria K. claims that 16-year-old Liza K. is from a poor family and her parents cannot pay for her treatment, and the family of the perpetrator of the accident did not contact the victims’ relatives.

“ Although this is Kolya’s girlfriend, he didn’t inquire about her condition at all, he was shouting to the police all the time:“ Fuck you all, they will get rid of me, and I’ll live abroad, ”says Maria.

Telegram-channel Kharkov 1654 also published a fragment of “a conversation with the sister of a friend of Kolya-major.”

“ The victims, Misha and Valera, are in serious condition, they are in the hospital. The girl will be operated on tomorrow, transferred to another hospital, financial means are needed to help the girl with the operation. Boyfriend Nikolai, his relatives did not get in touch with Misha … with Misha and Valera’s parents. Kolya asked the girl to simply give false testimony against two of his friends … ”, – says the girl in the video, after which it breaks off.

The commentary to the video says: “ Kolya offered his girlfriend to take the blame and promised money, but she refused. And so Kolya decided to give her up and left her in the hospital, now she is collecting money for treatment. “

Statement by Father Nikolai Kharkivsky

Nikolai Kharkovsky’s father, Mikhail Kharkovsky, did not directly answer the questions of KHARKIV Today about who owns the Infiniti car in which his son had an accident, and whether he saw his son after the accident .

“ I don’t want to talk now, because everything will come out against my son. All information that is posted in the information environment is aimed at making Kolya a criminal. There were three more people in the car, and one of these people was driving … My son did not leave the scene. Maybe Nikolai, or maybe not Nikolai, was driving … Why nothing good was posted, nothing good was said about the person, but only one bad thing was said? Does nothing suggest that this is all a planned action? His head was punctured, with a terrible hole in it, and I tried to leave him in the ambulance, nothing worked for me at all, ”he said.

Mikhail Kharkivsky said that immediately after the accident, a statement was filed with the police about the theft of the car. Who does not know.

“ This is a lie, I am a father, my mother did not submit an application. This application was filed officially, none of the parents said this. There was a statement, yes, I talked to the investigator, ”he said.

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