A record harvest of buckwheat was harvested in Ukraine

Ukrainian farmers have already threshed 107,000 tons of buckwheat with a total forecast of 100,000 tons.

“This is the largest buckwheat harvest in the last few years. Two months ago, our forecasts were at the level of 100 thousand tons. And today, being on the finish line, but still crossing it, farmers threshed 107 thousand tons of buckwheat.

This is 94%, as only 15 oblasts have completed the harvest. Therefore, our updated forecasts are more than 110 thousand tons. The highest yield so far has been recorded in Vinnytsia region – 15.9 centners per hectare, ”said Minister Roman Leshchenko.

It should be noted that in 2021, UAH 50 million was allocated to support buckwheat producers.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy plans to continue state support for buckwheat producers next year.



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