The Ministry of Health of Crimea plans to purchase mobile refrigerators for storing the bodies of those who died from covid. Morgues cannot cope with the load

Crimean morgues cannot cope with the load during the new wave of COVID-19, Kommersant writes with reference to the Acting Minister of Health of the region Konstantin Skorupsky. 

“Due to the increase in mortality, the burden on all departments is increasing: both forensic and pathological,” he said, adding that residents of Simferopol have repeatedly complained that they were given the bodies of deceased relatives in poor condition.

To store the bodies of the deceased, he said at a briefing on the situation with the coronavirus, the possibility of purchasing mobile refrigerators is being considered, “to unload the morgues and to keep the bodies of the dead in more or less proper condition.”

The Crimean Ministry of Health reported on October 25 that 655 new infected people were detected in the region per day. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Crimea, more than 92 thousand people have fallen ill with covid, 2.9 thousand have died.

In Crimea, from October 30 to November 7, non-working days have been announced, and from October 25, it is possible to check into hotels and sanatoriums, go to the cinema, shopping centers and cafes only by using a QR code.

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