US State Department included Russians in the list of “homeless”

This list also includes countries with an unstable security situation.The United States classified Russians as "homeless nationalities" / photo REUTERSThe United States classified Russians as “homeless nationalities” / photo REUTERS

The US Department of State has updated the list of so-called “homeless nationalities”. The Russians were added to it.

This is stated in the corresponding document of the US State Department .

Citizens of the Russian Federation were advised to contact the American Embassy in Warsaw, if necessary. You can also apply for immigrant visas there.

The list of “homeless” also includes citizens of such countries – Iran, Syria, Libya, Cuba, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela and others.

The status of “homeless nationalities” is obtained by citizens of those countries where there is no US diplomatic mission. In addition, residents of countries with an unstable security situation will receive this status.

As UNIAN previously reported, a bipartisan group of US senators called on President Joe Biden to expel 300 Russian diplomats  from the United States if the staff of the American embassy in Moscow is not expanded.

According to them, there were only about 100 American diplomats in Russia, and 400 Russian diplomats in the United States.

Later,  Russia offered the United States to remove all previously imposed restrictions on the work of diplomatic missions. 

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  1. Russia’s reaction to the US decision
    In Russia, they expressed dissatisfaction with this decision of the US State Department. For example, the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the United States had turned the technical procedure for issuing visas “into a real hell” and allegedly struck a blow at relations between people.

    She accused American diplomats of many years of destruction of “the system of rendering consular services in Russia, which they did not create.”

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    • I would say citizens faced with poisonings, kidnappings, torture, beatings, rape, sodomy and outright murder easily classify as citizens of an unstable security nation. They didn’t have to wait until Putler emptied the embassy it should have been done in 2001. The next step, since they are unstable is to remove them from the UNSC, PACE and the OSCE since these are security related. How can they provide security for other people when they can’t even provide security for their own people?

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  2. “In addition, residents of countries with an unstable security situation will receive this status.”
    This would include most nations in the world and in most of those nations, it’s the governments themselves who are a security threat to their citizens.

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