The lawyer said that about 60 prisoners in IK-3 near Kaluga had their veins cut open. The FSIN denies this

About 60 inmates at correctional colony no. 3 in the village of Tovarkovo in the Kaluga Region cut their veins open after complaining about beatings and conditions of detention.

As reported by ” Mediazona ” attorney Julia Chvanova, it went convicted previously for penalties contained in punishment cells and cell-type rooms.

The wife of one of the injured convicts told the newspaper that a few days ago the prisoners were robbed of their personal belongings, including medicines and warm clothes. “And someone else was beaten there – that was the last straw,” the woman said. “They were on hunger strike for two days, no one paid any attention to them, and they decided to open up.” According to her, one inmate was taken to the city hospital.

Prisoners began to complain about beatings and conditions of detention after IK-3 was headed by Pavel Ryzhenkov, the former deputy head of the Vladimir colony, where, according  to media reports, systematic beatings took place. After his appointment, the wife of the injured prisoner claims, many of the convicts were sent to a punishment cell, and Ryzhenkov allegedly personally participated in the beatings.

A source of the Kaluzhskie Novosti newspaper in the regional department of the Federal Penitentiary Service said that the scale of what happened in Colony No. 3 was greatly exaggerated. According to him, two inmates inflicted injuries on themselves without causing serious harm to their health. Officially, the FSIN department stated that the information about “dozens of convicts who committed an act of self-mutilation” does not correspond to reality. “The correctional colony is operating normally,” the department said.

Regional Prosecutor’s Office and the Regional Commissioner for Human Rights organized a test after media publications about the incident in the IR-3.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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