“Let’s go to lawlessness”: it became known about the new horrors in the prisons of the “LDNR”

People are demanding money, and “quarantine” has been introduced in places of detention.Militants introduced "quarantine" in their prisons / REUTERSMilitants introduced “quarantine” in their prisons / REUTERS

In the occupied Donbass, prisoners in correctional facilities have faced a new wave of abuse.

A Donetsk journalist, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG Sergey Garmash writes about this on his Facebook page .

“The guards of ORDLO went to lawlessness. From Donetsk they report: money is being extorted from the hostages illegally held in places of detention” for living “: coal, firewood, food. That is, they demand that the relatives of the prisoners transfer money to the card and, allegedly, for this money they will be “supported.” Those who refuse to contact their relatives with such a request, or who have no money and cannot transfer the required amounts, are deprived of the opportunity to use the telephone, transferred to three meals a day, in the sense, they are fed three times a week “, – he wrote.

Prisoners with coronavirus, according to the journalist, are “treated” with streptocide. Also in the prisons of the “DPR” a few weeks ago, a “quarantine” was introduced, after which all visits, the transfer of food and medicine, including water and masks, were banned. Volunteers of the Red Cross do not have access there, as before. 

“And all this against the background of blackmail and blockade of the OSCE monitoring mission, organized by the ORDLO leadership, regarding the detention of a militant Kosyak by our military. They made a whole show out of this. Even the Russian citizen Chicherina, under the hotel where the SMM members are blocked, staged a concert …”, – noted Garmash.

The journalist recalled that hundreds of Ukrainian citizens are also illegally detained in these prisons, who are starved, cold and tortured.

We will remind that in 2014 Russia went on aggression against Ukraine – it seized the Ukrainian Crimea and began to undermine the situation in parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The Russian authorities supported the militants who created the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”, and also sent troops to Donbass.

(C)UNIAN 2021

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