Vladimir Putin: I’ll protect Russia against Western liberalism like cancel culture and transgender rights

The Russian president compares the intolerance of woke warriors to the Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution.


22 October 2021 •

Putin rails against cancel culture and transgender rights as he promises to protect Russia from Western liberalism
Vladimir Putin compared cancel culture warriors to the Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution CREDIT: Dmitry Feoktistov /TASS

Vladimir Putin said the anti-racism agenda in the West was dividing society as he compared cancel culture warriors in liberal democracies to the Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution.

“The incessant emphasis on race pushes people further apart whereas the true fighters for civic rights tried to eliminate those differences,” the Russian president said.

In a speech at the Valdai Discussion club in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, he lashed also lashed out transgender rights, accusing the West of being “monstrous” to children.

Mr Putin went as far as to compare Western activists pushing for a progressive agenda to Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution “who were also utterly intolerant of opinions different from their own.”

He accused progressives of distorting people’s biological traits with transgender rights. The Russian president regularly rails against Western ideologies and presents himself as a defender of “traditional” values.

“People who dare to say men and women still exist as a biological fact are almost ostracised,” he said.

“Not to mention the simply monstrous fact that children today are taught from a young age that a boy can easily become a girl and the other way round.”

LGBT rights in Russia has been in jeopardy for nearly a decade since Russia adopted a Bill banning “gay propaganda” among minors, which has been used an excuse to persecute LGBT activists.

He said: “Fighting racism is a necessary and noble thing but the new cancel culture turns it into reverse descrimination, reverse racism.”

‘Sputnik tourism’

Mr Putin has also made a claim that Europeans travel to Russia to get the Sputnik V vaccine because it’s safer than the vaccines available in the West.

“I have heard it many times: citizens of European nations come here to get vaccinated with Sputnik and then buy a certificate to show they have had a Pfizer jab,” he said.

“Seriously. I’ve been told by doctors from European countries. They think Sputnik is safer and more reliable.” 

Russia’s Sputnik V has proven to be 92 per cent effective against the disease but it has not yet been approved by the World Health Organisation or the European Union.

There have been multiple reports, some of which led to criminal proceedings, that Russian officials and doctors have been caught forging vaccination certificates in Russia for those who did not want to take the homegrown vaccine.


  • A calculated move on his part. He might lose some of his leftist fans in the west but will pick up a shitload of new alt right fans. Malignant putler shill Tucker Carlson will publicise this to his fans on Fox. He might even get an interview.
    Russians who obsess with gays are often closet brown hatters themselves.

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  • Mr Putin went as far as to compare Western activists pushing for a progressive agenda to Bolsheviks of Russia’s 1917 Revolution “who were also utterly intolerant of opinions different from their own.”

    Why everyone with another opinion than Putin is arrested, jailed or murdered?

    Liked by 3 people

  • I can’t really disagree with the little turd nugget on this one. What we are doing to ourselves in the West certainly is not a shining example of progress. Inventing new genders, toppling statues of explorers and generals, inviting every third-world immigrant into our countries that want to come, having leftist-liberal thoughts and concepts forced upon us and labeling conservative people with incorrect and objectionable names is detrimental to our further development.

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    • I’m with you on this one. Sadly Putler failed to mention the concentration camps in Donbas, illegal invasions and annexations, as well as wife-beaters going unpunished in Muscovy. Just like Hitler, he has sweet words, but the reality is cruel.

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