“I could not imagine”: Merkel made an unexpected confession about Putin and Crimea

Soon Angela Merkel will leave the post of German Chancellor.Merkel spoke about disagreements with Putin / photo REUTERSMerkel spoke about disagreements with Putin / photo REUTERS

German Chancellor Angela Merkel , who will soon leave this post, admitted that she had never imagined that Russian President Vladimir Putin would occupy Crimea and start a war in Donbass.

This is stated in an interview with Merkel Suddeutsche Zeitung, which is quoted by TSN .

Merkel said that she felt “significant differences” with Putin 10 years ago – during his speech in the Bundestag. In particular, she clarified, this concerns the vision of the collapse of the USSR. Putin considers this a “sad event”, Berlin – “the joy of the end of the Cold War, German reunification and European unity.”

“When I took office, I couldn’t have imagined that he would annex Crimea and that in the east of Ukraine – practically next to the European Union – it would end up such military clashes,” the FRG Chancellor admitted.

As you know, Angela Merkel, after 16 years at the head of the government, decided not to nominate herself in the last parliamentary elections. Soon she will leave this position, it is already known what her pension will be .

Earlier, former Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin told how Merkel refused to believe in Russian aggression against Ukraine . During a visit to Kiev in 2014, she stated that she had always believed in Putin.

In addition, the third president, Viktor Yushchenko, said that Merkel once prevented Ukraine from joining NATO .

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  1. Really? Merkel and Putin were planning this ahead, driven by anti-Americanism. Anyhow, Ukraine will be imperial, no matter what GermAny and RuSSia do. Ukrainians are my blood, are smart and devoted. In the long run the bitch and her master will both go to hell. Ukrainians were demanding freedom, and freedom they will get! Heroyam Slava!

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  2. The fat incompetent bitch can be forgiven for not anticipating the little rat’s multi-pronged aggression against Ukraine – IF that’s true, which can be questioned – but what cannot be forgiven is the weak response she presented. Although much stronger than other ass-giving European countries, Germany’s stance on sanctions was still mediocre. The country’s position as an economic power and its history should put it at the forefront of resistance to any fascist/crime syndicate aggression and not as an appeaser, which it ultimately is. This is yet another facet of her lengthy reign in which she failed as a leader, adding to the numerous others.

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