Gazprom threatened to completely cut off gas supplies to Moldova. The country has already declared a state of emergency due to the energy crisis

From December 1, Gazprom will completely stop gas supplies to Moldova, if the republic does not pay off the debt for fuel and does not agree on the terms of a new contract. According to RIA Novosti, this was announced by the official representative of Gazprom, Sergei Kupriyanov.

The main debt of Moldova for gas, he said, is $ 433 million, and taking into account the delay in payments, the total amount of debt is $ 709 million.

Gazprom, Kupiriyanov said, is ready to extend the contract for the supply of gas to Moldova in November, but subject to payment for the fuel supplied in September and October. Further, according to the representative of “Gazprom”, it is necessary to conclude a new agreement.

“There is no politics here, Gazprom is a joint stock company and cannot operate at a loss, cannot afford to lose tax payments to the RF budget. There are limits to patience. Moldova itself is provoking a crisis with its own hands, ”he said.

Moldova on October 22 declared a state of emergency due to the energy crisis. In October, Russian Prime Minister Natalya Gavrilitsa said that one-third less gas was imported from Russia.

Due to low pressure in the gas transmission network, the Ministry of Defense of Moldova turned off the Eternal Flame in Chisinau. On Saturday, gas supplies to the memorial were restored . “It was a technical mistake. It has already been eliminated, ”said the Prime Minister of Moldova.

Until the end of October, while negotiations are underway, Moldova buys gas at a market price of $ 790 per thousand cubic meters. The republic hopes to come to an agreement with Gazprom on a price of $ 200-300 per thousand cubic meters. 

A few days ago, another round of negotiations took place, during which, according to Kommersant , Gazprom offered a “fair market price with an additional 25% discount,” the Moldovan side was not satisfied with such conditions.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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