Criminal proceedings are not a hindrance: Trukhanov and Bryndak planted acacias near Privoz

On the morning of October 23, employees of the municipal enterprise “Gorzelentrest”, together with officials and residents of Odessa, planted acacias near Privoz. Among those present were the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov and acting. vice-mayor Oleg Bryndak, which are held on the so-called “Odessa case” .

The press service of the Odessa mayor’s office noted that they plan to plant one hundred acacias over the weekend, and a thousand trees will be planted in autumn.

Tomorrow it is planned to plant acacia seedlings on the street. Balkovskaya in the area of ​​st. Spartakovskaya.

“Today we are planting a green alley on the site of st. Ekaterininskaya, from Novoshchepny Ryad to st. Panteleimonovskaya, which will complete the improvement of this section of the road. These are large-sized seedlings, 7-10 years old. We hope that they will all take root, and in the spring we will see the result of our work, ”Trukhanov emphasized.

We will remind, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court  appointed Trukhanov a bail of 30 million hryvnia, but the mayor of Odessa appealed against this decision.

Trukhanov, Bryndak and a number of other persons were suspected of  causing damage to the territorial community of Odessa in the amount of UAH 689 million. A total of 16 people are suspected of committing a crime. Among them are the director of the law department of the mayor’s office Inna Popovskaya, ex-prosecutor of the region Oleg Zhuchenko and businessman Vladimir Galanternik.

The suspicion was announced within the framework of the so-called “cemetery case”, opened in connection with the acquisition by the Odessa City Council for almost UAH 150 million of non-residential buildings of the former airfield “Zastava” on Tiraspolskoe highway, 22 (near the Western cemetery).

In addition to the “cemetery” scam, we are also talking about the withdrawal from communal ownership of the territorial community of at least six land plots with a total area of ​​15.9 hectares. 


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