Putin admits gas blackmail: Russia will increase supplies to Europe as soon as Nord Stream 2 is certified

Russian President Vladimir Putin has openly admitted that insufficient gas supplies to Europe are linked to Russia’s expectations of the launch of gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine. He told this at a meeting of the Valdai Club, – Russian media report.

According to Putin, if the FRG regulator allows the supply of Russian gas to the country, Russia will be able to ensure the supply of 17.5 billion cubic meters of gas, the prices of which are constantly growing due to its shortage.

“Is an increase possible, you ask? Yes, it is possible. Through Nord Stream 2, the first pipe of Nord Stream 2 is filled with gas, and if tomorrow the German regulator gives permission for the supply, the supply will begin the day after tomorrow – 17.5 billion cubic meters”, – the head of the Kremlin said.

He accused the Ukrainian gas pipeline of technical backwardness once again, having repeated the propaganda thesis that gas supplies through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are 5.6 times more environmentally friendly than gas supplies through the previous route, through the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

(c)OSTROV 2021


  1. Well there you go. Merkel and Mr Magoo promised serious sanctions if Putler used his gas as a weapon. Now blackmailing the regulators.
    The only purpose for South Stream, or Nord Stream II is to bypass Ukraine.

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