Simply beautiful: how the pillars are decorated with wild grapes in Odessa   

Autumn paints Odessa in bright colors. Especially good at this time are the huge idols of lampposts entwined with wild grapes, which change the color gradient from juicy green at the bottom to almost scarlet at the top. Without a doubt, such vertical gardening of Odessa streets is their real decoration.

“Dumskaya” found out who came up with the idea of ​​planting decorative vines at the base of concrete pillars and why.

As the former chief engineer of the KP Gorzelentrest, and now the head of the Troyanda section, Vladimir Khroma, told us, in Soviet times, gardening of lampposts was a standard element of street improvement and was practiced in all cities of Soviet Ukraine.

“Then, under the pillars, they planted a maiden five-leaf grape,” says the landscaper. – He is very handsome and grows fast. In Odessa, all the main highways that led from the center to Cheryomushki or Tairov were with such greenery. “

Best of all, maiden grapes are preserved in the area of ​​the Victory arboretum. Bright red giants meet and see off motorists on Shevchenko Avenue. In the 1990s, there was no extra money to decorate the streets, and the previously planted plants gradually dried up. Some were cut down by the power grid employees: the vines braid the power lines, making it difficult to access them in case of repairs and laying new cables. The revival of grape decor began in the early 2000s.

“We brought to our nursery a girl’s ivy grape, or Vici,” continues Vladimir Khroma. – He is more tenacious, he does not need support. The first two years it grows very slowly, and then it grows and gives an abundant mass. They are good at landscaping residential buildings. We bred it in our state farm and started planting it around the city. “

Vici grapes now adorn the lighting poles on the South Road median strip. Every year, KP “Gorzelentrest” plants up to 250 seedlings, but not all of them take root. It is interesting that the very first, uterine seedling, introduced twenty years ago, is still alive and well.

In addition to aesthetic beauty, such landscaping has its drawbacks – dense thickets adore mosquitoes.

Photo – Alexander Gimanov



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