Parliament approves law on energy efficiency

Parliament approves law on energy efficiency

21.10.2021 16:34

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted law No.4507 “On energy efficiency”.

According to an Ukrinform correspondent, 282 MPs voted in favor of the relevant document at second reading, with the required minimum being 226 votes.

The draft law is a framework one and establishes the basic legal, economic and organizational principles of energy efficiency in the production, transportation, transmission, distribution, supply and consumption of energy.

According to the text of the document prepared for second reading, a national action plan on energy efficiency will be developed in Ukraine. Local government bodies will develop local energy plans.

In addition, in order to ensure a sustainable increase in the energy efficiency of final energy consumption, a target for annual reduction of energy consumption will be set in Ukraine. It should be at least 0.8% of the total annual energy supply to consumers, averaged over the period from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019.

The law introduces energy audits at enterprises. Large business entities will be required to conduct an energy audit every four years.

The document also envisages extensive implementation of energy management systems.


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  1. As a UNIAN correspondent reports, 282 people’s deputies voted for the adoption of the bill “On combined production of heat and electricity (cogeneration) and the use of waste energy potential” (No. 4527), with the required minimum of 226 votes.

    During the presentation of the bill, Deputy Energy Minister Yuriy Vlasenko noted that the purpose of its development is to harmonize the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine with the principles and provisions of the legislation of the European Union in the field of the development of highly efficient cogeneration.

    “The adoption of the bill will create conditions for the development of highly efficient cogeneration in Ukraine in accordance with the provisions of the European Union, will transform the existing heat generating facilities into highly efficient combined production of electricity and heat. It will also increase the use of fuel and reduce the use of resources, in particular gas, in public production.” , – said Vlasenko.

    To achieve this goal and increase the use and environmental friendliness of fuel, the draft law provides for the introduction of terminology in the use of high-efficiency cogeneration in accordance with EU directives, the analysis of the costs of high-efficiency cogeneration for heat generating facilities over 200 MW and the establishment of qualification indicators.

    Why always over a 100 vote against every bill which is good for Ukraine? And this bill is…………….
    And always the same 100………………

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