German Government: Belarus is creating migrant crisis in Europe with Russia’s approval

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said that Russia was to blame for the migrant crisis in the European Union which was created by Belarus. He noted that this is not only his opinion but of the entire German government, reports Bild.

Noting that “organized and, at least, supported at the state level activities for the transportation of illegal migrants” are taking place through the territory of Belarus, Seehofer added: “We are all convinced that the key to solving the problem lies in Moscow.”

The German Minister said that the Belarusian authorities could not “do any of this without at least informing Moscow and obtaining its approval.”

Seehofer called the state-organized wave of migrants through Belarus a “hybrid war”. He made it clear he is sure of who is responsible for the thousands of migrants who arrived in Belarus since the summer: “Moscow”. According to him, Moscow is increasingly focused on conflicts, and not on their solution.

As for Germany, it does not plan to close its borders with Poland, Seehofer said.

The German Federal Police reported that since August, the number of people illegally entering the country from Poland from Belarus, has reached 4300. Whereas from January to July, there were only 26 such persons. The number of asylum applications in Germany from January to September has already reached 80,000, compared with more than 76,000 for the whole of 2020.

(C)UAWIRE 2021


  • That’s a bit rich coming from the country that turned Europe into a muslim state.

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  • That’s exactly what i wrote recently. Sadly Seehofer did not mention any sanctions. Do i wonder? Nah. Little Serbia got hammered beyond recognition. RuSSia on the other hand can murder, invade, poison, steal, hack, spread false news… and hide behind their nukes and veto in the UNSC, just like Turkey hiding behind Nato membership. The world is a mess, and weak corrupt leaders continue to make things even worse.

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    • Well if the Germans read this website a year ago they would have known what happened then. They jumped out of their pants to sanction Lukashenko and we were saying he was just the puppet for the fiend that is really running Belarus.

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  • The krauts always seem to be a day late and a nickel short. Under the muslima Merkel, add cowardice to this. We knew long ago that mafia land is involved and that to punish loony it is essential to punish mafia land. We only get a warm current of air from “Drehhofer” and that’s about it.

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