Ukraine Has Enough Gas Transmission Capacity to Cover Europe Twice — StopFake

By Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security Increasing gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine’s gas transmission system (GTS) could solve the European gas crisis. Instead, Russia is deliberately discrediting the Ukrainian path. The Kremlin’s arguments, meanwhile, are not actually true. In other words, they are lying. Europe has faced an unprecedented surge in natural…

Ukraine Has Enough Gas Transmission Capacity to Cover Europe Twice — StopFake


  • I wonder if Merkel knew about this when she was trying to sell Nord Stream 2 as a “purely commercial” project? Same with South Stream that nobody wants to talk about. Russian gas must make people stupid.

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    • Most certainly, she knew! Merkel is not only fat and ugly but also very stupid, as the many missteps prove – including NSII – and a miserable backstabber – as Ukraine learned. History shows that the krauts have much patience with leaders who are morally depraved and harmful.

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  • The transmission capacity through Ukraine is more than sufficient and this fact is well-known across Europe, having been used as a major argument against NSII all along. But, as we’ve seen, it was all to no avail. The Stasi cow made sure that this useless project will get through – no doubt with a little help from her briefcases, filled with German tax monies – and with the help of the senile old fool in the Yellow House, it did.

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