The former leader of the “DPR” after being elected to the State Duma made an unexpected confession about Donbass (video)

Boroday acknowledged the presence of the Russian army in the occupied territory of Donbass.The militant became a deputy in the Russian Federation / screenshotThe militant became a deputy in the Russian Federation / screenshot

The former leader of the DNR terrorists, Alexander Borodai , who was elected to the Russian State Duma in the recent “elections”, said that “Russian troops” were fighting in the Donbas.

He stated this on the air of one of the Russian propaganda TV channels, thereby admitting what the Russian authorities are so actively denying.

Speaking about the situation on the line of demarcation, the militant deputy said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly recaptured the “gray zone” between their positions and the positions of “our troops.” After that, the presenter tried to say that “ours” means “Donbass”. To this Borodai replied:

“Well, of course, these are our Russian people, Russian troops.”

“What difference does it make what they are called? I think this is a fundamental point. Both Russian troops and the RF Armed Forces are also Russian troops. Both are Russian troops. Yes, some Russian troops are called” people’s militia corps of the DPR and LPR “, while others are simply called the Russian army. What’s the difference?” Borodai said. “DPR” ringleader made a statement about the war in Donbass

Earlier today, the Ukrainian delegation at the TCG negotiations said that the Russian Foreign Ministry officially recognized the participation of Russians in the war in Donbass .

It was also reported that Putin’s party made a loud statement about the fate of the occupied Donbass.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • I would invite all Russians to visit this site if they want to know the correct status of the Occupiers in Ukraine. We remember how the war started and where the “Hooligans” and “Volunteers” came from. We also remember the Ukrainians living in the Donbas were tearing down Lenin statues after Maidan and even the “Regions” party changing their names due to their unpopularity.

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