Ukrainian military conducted combat launches from new long-range Javelin anti-aircraft missiles (video)

Launch of the Javelin anti-tank missile with a launch range of up to 4 km by the Armed Forces operator. Photo: “Donbass Realities”

The Ukrainian unit of FGM-148 Javelin ATGM operators recently took part in tactical exercises, where anti-tank soldiers practiced combat coordination skills with other units of the Armed Forces, with the implementation of practical anti-tank missile launches.

The actions and mastery of modern complexes by the Ukrainian military were observed by journalists of the Donbass Reality program, who were acquainted with some details of working with these weapons.

An interesting point of these trainings was that the unit, which arrived for training with its staff, surprised Ukrainian and American instructors by being equipped with the latest version of Javelin (probably FGM-148E Block 1).

This version of the American ATGM has a range of not 2.5 km (as in the usual FGM-148C Block 0 model 1996), and 4000 meters (in ideal conditions can hit a target at a distance of 4750 meters).

It was from these new complexes that practical launches were carried out in the future. But before that, journalists were told about the American complex and its preparation for firing, demonstrating all the actions on the ATGM with the missile already fired.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is more convenient to catch the target from a sitting position or lean on something. Shoots from two positions: direct aiming is Dir. And Top – if at a maximum range of 2500 meters, the rocket flies out of this fired tube to a height of 160 meters. It flies and destroys the target at an angle of 45 degrees, ”said one of the ATGM operators.

Another fighter acquainted journalists with practical actions during the process of aiming and launching.

Demonstration of the rocket launch sequence, after capturing the target, by one of the Ukrainian operators of Javelin. Photo: Donbass Realia

“When I have already presented my picture and I am sure that I can clearly see my goal, I take the fuse and press the left trigger. After that, the characteristic sound of the cooling battery start is heard. Next, I clamp the right trigger and hold it until the rocket engine starts. The rocket fires, I release these two triggers and move from the position to the shelter, ”said Maxim, a PTRK operator.

It should be added that according to official data, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received (and purchased at their own expense) 47 Javelin launchers and 360 missiles for them in the United States. At the same time, about 30 practical launches on targets have already been carried out at the exercises.

During the exercises, ATGM operators moved to SBA “Warta”. One armored vehicle, in addition to fighters, carried three missiles and three Javelin anti-aircraft missiles. Photo: Donbass Realia

For the most part, the operators of American ATGMs train on simulators.

“Programs are built into the simulators. Each program has a specific purpose and a specific time. That is, for example, to destroy 4 units of equipment in 6 minutes, having a certain number of missiles. And the simulator is filled with more than 35 programs – that is, for 1 person, on average, it can take 80-90 hours, but it is run more than once, “- said one of the Ukrainian instructors, who was during training at the training ground.


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