Nord Stream 2 is Russia’s modern weapon, the consequences of which no one knows yet – Zelensky

According to the president, in the near future, Ukrainians will be presented with a model for transforming Ukraine’s energy security.Gas sales price in Europe reached almost 2 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters / photo REUTERSGas sales price in Europe reached almost 2 thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters / photo REUTERS

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Nord Stream 2 is Russia’s modern weapon, the consequences of which no one knows yet.

The president said this in an interview with ICTV channel.

According to him, Europe is already listening to Ukraine, which sounded the alarm even before the start of the heating season.

In particular, representatives from Ukraine spoke with many leaders of Europe and the United States of America.

They talked about the fact that there will be a shortage in the gas market, and Russia will use this to press for a very quick introduction of Nord Stream 2

“It was understandable for us. We understood that there would be challenges for us, but we have our own gas and our society will be provided,” the president said.

However, he stressed that Ukraine was talking about the energy threat to the whole of Europe, and already now “they hear us, and there is already a reaction.”

“After Nord Stream 2 is completed, it still needs to be launched. It is very important for us that the third energy package is applied to Nord Stream 2, like many other technical things, so that everything is in accordance with international law,” added Zelensky. 

In his opinion, Russia, “of course, does not want this,” because it feels power through the available volumes of gas and oil and uses this power.

“I think Europe is shocked by the price of $ 2,000. I think they counted on $ 300-400. They were ready in case of a deficit of $ 500-600, but no one expected an increase to $ 2,000. And already some countries have looked on our experience in annual packages for the population “, – said the head of state.

According to him, the reaction of France and other European states testifies to the fact that even for Europeans such a price is very expensive. 

“We need to react. Nord Stream 2 is a modern weapon. We see a powerful weapon, that is, apart from shots and besides Russian weapons, in the form of information policy and cyber weapons, a new weapon has appeared – energy. The consequences of these weapons, no one knows, winter we have not yet passed, Europe has not yet passed. We will see what will happen next, what will happen in the spring, “the president said.

Zelensky is confident that at the same time, Ukraine should be one step ahead and not just talk about how many gas reserves are in storage and whether they will be enough for the winter.

“Enough, but this is not enough. Because we do not understand what will happen next – next year. Next winter will also come to Ukraine and the world. And we will have to react,” he stressed.

At the same time, the head of state called the end of the contract on the transit of Russian gas by Ukraine, which is valid until the end of 2024, as a serious challenge.

“What will happen on January 1, 2025? This is also a very serious challenge and a serious question that had to be answered yesterday, the day before yesterday, to which it was necessary to find an answer 10 years ago. we will definitely show people in the near future, “Zelensky stressed.

Gas price:

On October 6, 2021, the gas sales price in Europe reached almost $ 2 thousand per thousand cubic meters, which is an absolute record.

5 European Union countries are asking to investigate abnormally high gas prices. Thus, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania and Greece in their joint statement called for the establishment of common rules for the purchase of gas in order to mitigate the sharp jump in gas prices.

The main reasons for the record growth in natural gas prices in Europe are low gas reserves in storage due to the cold winter and weak injection rates due to a lack of supply.

Nord Stream 2: What You Need to Know

  • The Nord Stream 2 project provides for the construction and operation of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The gas pipeline bypasses Ukraine.
  • The pipeline is operated by Nord Stream 2 AG, which was founded by Russia’s Gazprom. The project is financed by European companies: French Engie, Austrian OMV, British-Dutch Shell, German Uniper and Wintershall.
  • The United States imposed a number of sanctions against construction contractors, due to which work on the construction of the gas pipeline was stopped at one time.
  • On September 2, after a meeting with US President Joseph Biden, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Biden had guaranteed the imposition of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 in the event of threats to Ukraine’s energy security.
  • On September 10, Russia announced the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.
  • On September 23, 2021, it became known that the Congress approved sanctions against Nord Stream 2.
  • On October 4, 2021, the operator of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2  began filling the  first branch with gas.
  • As of October 18, the  first string of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was filled with technical gas.
  • On October 18, 2021, Ukraine applied for participation in the certification of Nord Stream 2.
  • (C)UNIAN 2021


  1. By his words, which are very consistent both publicly and as reported privately, his terrible choice of pro-Russia associates and close friends and his extraordinarily deferential behaviour to a squalid, evil dictator, Trump is likely at least to be an agent of influence. Yuri Shvets claims somewhat more than that though:

    However, NS2 proves conclusively that Merkel IS a Russian agent. As of course Schroeder is. Yet the media gives her a free pass on that. Much of the US media hates Trump, so is happy to repeatedly focus on his Russia links. Note that he never sued any of them though.
    Yet no one (as yet) has investigated Merkel and published their detailed findings. A cursory glimpse at Merkel’s biography and especially the behaviour of her father, suggests strong Russia links since the 1970’s.
    Merkel alone has driven NS2 to fruition. Russia’s war against Ukraine has just been made far easier by this vile woman and her criminal enabler IRA Joe.
    Can NS2 still be stopped? Well yes, but who will?
    Statesmen of the calibre of Reagan and Thatcher would not have let Merkel pull off this incredible coup for putler. I think they would have said something on the lines of :
    “You can have your pipeline operating at full capacity. Just as soon as you have permanently left Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine and paid full reparations for mass murder, torture and theft.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • The fat Stasi bitch will probably never be held accountable for this blatantly wrong decision that NSII is. Indeed, she is also immune to all the other fuck ups that she has managed to accomplish. There is not a single aspect that I can think of that she hasn’t screwed up. The list of blunders is a long one. The media are largely silent or downplay her mistakes. I don’t know why. I’ve never seen a supposedly free press being so submissive and meek towards such gross incompetence. The only thing she has mastered is clinging on to power and concurrently getting rid of all those who got dangerous to her position. I’m already convinced that Germanystan is not really a democracy. There are just too many things going on there that make it seem more like a covert dictatorship. Most Germans that I know, consider her the worst thing for the country since Adolf Hitler.

      Liked by 4 people

  2. Nord Stream II is indeed a sort of weapon and the mafiosi are already utilizing it even though it is not even operating yet. Its completion was made possible by the Stasi bitch Merkel, with help of her favorite underhanded method (briefcases full of taxpayers’ money to the right people) and the old skidmark in the Yellow House. This leaves room to think that no one gives a rat’s ass that this pipeline provides a crime syndicate yet another political leverage on Europe in addition to those it already has. And, it would flush more money into mafia land’s military. It should not be forgotten who this project benefits the most; a crime syndicate that murders and imprisons opposition leaders, regardless of where they are found, wages war on an innocent country, steals territories like Adolf Hitler in miniature, abuses human rights continuously and so much more. The hypocrisy of the West to tolerate this thing is incredibly enormous.NSII is one of the West’s greatest blunders in recent history.

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