Pro-Russian rebels call on OSCE to help secure release of officer detained by Ukraine

DONETSK, Ukraine: About 200 protesters in separatist-controlled Donetsk confronted monitors from Europe’s main security and rights watchdog on Saturday (Oct 16) to demand the release of a pro-Russian officer captured by the Ukrainian military.

The monitoring mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation on Europe has previously faced protests organized by pro-Russian rebels, but this time protesters for the first time appeared to block the entrance to the hotel where they are based.

A Reuters reporter saw four men in surgical masks standing close to each other at the doorsteps leading to the gate of the Park Inn, where the monitors live and have an office. They appeared to be unarmed.

Two dozen tents were set up on a lawn in front of the hotel and a protester cut firewood with a chainsaw.

Several OSCE monitors were seen on a terrace right outside the hotel but did not leave it or come closer to the protesters. One filmed the crowd on a smartphone.

Russian-backed rebels claim the Ukrainian military captured their officer, Andrei Kosyak, near the front line on Wednesday while he was part of a joint committee that oversees the ceasefire.

The Ukrainian defence ministry said that Kosyak, who it said was a Russian citizen, belonged to a group of Russian servicemen who had carried out an undercover reconnaissance mission.

Russia denies that it has forces in eastern Ukraine, which was taken over by Russian-backed separatists in 2014, in a conflict that Kyiv says killed 14,000 people.

The protesters demanded that the OSCE help to get the officer released.

“OSCE, fulfil your mandate,” one of banners held by protesters read.

The OSCE mission, which has monitored the conflict since its start, said in a statement on Saturday it was ready to facilitate dialogue on the ground between the sides.

“This readiness has already been communicated to the sides,” it said. It did not comment on the protest at the hotel.

(c) CNA


  1. Guess this Russian must be special if the scum are trying to intimidate the OSCE. Zelensky’s past record of returning scum to Russia is not good, so I expect the release of this guy will be part of any deal to meet with Putler.

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  2. The reply should be: “fine, you can have your fellow nazi and his friends back, we don’t want them. That is, just as soon as you have closed your underground concentration camps and torture chambers, freed all your hostages, returned Russian regulars and mercs to their shithole and the border handed back to Ukraine.”

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  3. “OSCE, fulfil your mandate,”
    Indeed, it should but on part of the abuses and noncompliance of agreements by the mafiosi. Like little children, they think what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.

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    • That caught my attention too Sir Facts. They want OSCE compliance in this case but not the other cases. Such hypocrites. The OSCE has repeated asked them to allow OSCE monitoring of occupied territory and never had access. They told the Moskali to pull back weapons agreed to in Minsk and in ceasefire talks. They asked the invaders not to attack their monitoring drones. They asked the ruSSo-monkeys to stop laying down landmines and remove them, to no avail. Nothing. Yeah, there’s plenty to negotiate for. I would suggest Ukraine and the OSCE say, “Fine, you can have your terrorist back AFTER you comply with everything you have agreed to.” That would mean everything and Putler won’t do that.

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      • The truth is that the OSCE mission in Donbass is an utter failure and a pit of quicksand for the money put into it. I think it’s a fair bet to say that most of the countries involved really don’t want to know what they have observed. Otherwise, this would reflect even worse on them for the behind-the-scenes business they conduct with the crime syndicate. In short, the OSCE mission in Ukraine is all just for show.

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