From the FB page of Margaret Thatcher

A great speech made by her close colleague Sir Keith Joseph that resonates down the years.

The old virtues of patriotism and national pride have been denigrated in the name of internationalism, love of all our fellow-men. But no one can love mankind if he does not love his own countrymen.

It was the radical Socialist writer and patriot, the late George Orwell, who described the left-wing intellectuals as men motivated primarily by hatred of their own country.

Socialists who spoke most about brotherhood of man could not bear their fellow-Englishmen, he complained.
Their well-orchestrated sneers from their strongpoint in the educational system and media have weakened the national will to transmit to future generations those values, standards and aspirations which made England admired the world over.

It is just because their message is that self-discipline is out of date and that the poor cannot be expected to help themselves, that they want the state to do more. That is why they believe in state ownership and control of economic life, education, health. Their wish to end parental choice in where and how their children shall be educated, in spending their money on better education and health for their children instead of on a new car, leisure, pleasure, is all part of the attempt to diminish self and self-discipline and real freedoms in favour of the state, ruled by socialists, the new class, as one disillusioned communist leader called them.
Of course, I shall be misrepresented, but let me ward off what misunderstanding I can. I am not saying that we should not help the poor, far from it. But the only really lasting help we can give to the poor is helping them to help themselves; to do the opposite, to create more dependence is to destroy them morally while throwing an unfair burden on society.

The populist rulers of Rome thought they had hit on a foolproof method of achieving a permanent curb on their patrician rivals when they created a dependent proletariat relying on them for bread and circuses; but in the end it destroyed the political stability of Rome, and so Rome itself fell, destroyed from inside.

Are we to be destroyed from inside, too, a country which successfully repelled and destroyed Philip of Spain, Napoleon, the Kaiser, Hitler, are we to be destroyed by ideas, mischievous, wrong-headed, debilitating, yet seductive because they are fashionable and promise so much on the cheap?

It is up to us. History is not made by abstract forces, or classes. It is made by people. If we have the moral courage to say what we believe to be true, right and good, the people will be with us.

1974 Oct 19 Sa, Joseph (Sir Keith).
Speech at Edgbaston (“our human stock is threatened”).


  1. And some words from Mrs Thatcher herself on the same topic:

    “Revolutionary doctrines, like communism, usually came from intellectuals and academics. They have a terrible intellectual snobbery and their socialistic ideas come out of the top drawer. They think that they can destroy what exists and that only they know what those who come from the same human clay want.
    They think they have a talent and ability that none of the rest of the human race has. That is the ultimate snobbery, the worst form of snobbery there is. Only put them in charge and the poor will have everything. So the poor put them in power and discover the rulers have everything and the poor have nothing.”


    1988 Apr 26 Tu, Margaret Thatcher.
    Interview with Brian Walden for Sunday Times.

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  2. “The old virtues of patriotism and national pride have been denigrated in the name of internationalism, love of all our fellow-men. But no one can love mankind if he does not love his own countrymen.
    It was the radical Socialist writer and patriot, the late George Orwell, who described the left-wing intellectuals as men motivated primarily by hatred of their own country.”

    Befittingly, this article comes at a time when many countries in the West are in the process of committing self imolation. The extend of this procedure is visible everywhere. The leftists, the slimy sediment of society, have permeated many facets of society most of which bear important responsibilities, i.e. the schooling system, government, the media, the entertainment business and has even reached the military.
    We have countries that are allowing virtually every nationality and race to cross their borders, which in many cases happens without any vetting. This usually happens at the expense of the indigenous population but is propagated as something positive by Marxists-Leninist scum. People with conservative viewpoints are attacked and denounced, sometimes even labeled as far-right, MANGA, extreme right or Nazi. Re-writing history is the newest fad and concurrently denouncing our forefathers for their “evils”. Toppling statues and renaming geographic places are a result of this twisted viewpoint and have even reached the United States. BLM and Woke and inventing countless genders continue this destructive procedure of reshaping our civilization according to their conviction.
    The conservatives have it tough these days. We must remain steadfast despite often being outnumbered. I have battled more with leftist “liberals” on UAWire, for instance, than with Ruskie trolls. These so-called Ukraine supporters attack me whenever I express my conservative viewpoint. They even support Biden’s miserable performance in Afghanistan and have hopped on the blame-game bandwagon, giving the fault for this ordeal to Trump.
    The self-destructive behavior of the West, by the way, is being fully utilized by the fascists in Moscow. They know very well what’s going on and they use this as a weapon to show how degenerate the West is. This is usually received positively since many Eastern Europeans are still largely conservative.
    I must admit that I miss Margaret Thatcher. I miss Ronald Reagan too. Little did I know back then, when they were alive and active, that we would sorely need such people in politics in the future … that the 21st century would bring us hardly anything else but limp-wristed, yellow-bellied jerkoff losers in politics.

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    • Good comment facts. As a conservative I have little or no problem with liberals, who are in essence the same as me, ie they want freedom from tyranny.
      My quarrel is with socialists; who hate freedom and leftists posing as liberals when they are nothing of the sort.
      The Dems used to be a liberal leaning party that contained some leftist elements. It is now the exact opposite, like the British Labour Party.

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      • You know, Scradge, that’s downright humorous when “liberals” call themselves liberals and at the same time attack us for our views when they don’t match their views. They are too stupid to know the definition of “liberal”. A liberal must accept our point of view otherwise they are nothing more than hypocritic opinion dictators.

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        • They act that way because they aren’t liberals. The founders of the US were liberals. The current crop of morons that call themselves liberals are as illiberal as they come. If they are liberals, then the KGB was just a bunch of misunderstood men.

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