BBC’s Rainsford can return if Russian journalists gets UK visas – ambassador

Russia’s ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin, has said the treatment of Russian journalists in the UK is reason the BBC’s Sarah Rainsford has been expelled from the country.

In this interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr, he insists the BBC correspondent will be allowed back into the country, where she has reported for years, once UK visas have been issued to Russian reporters.

Sarah Rainsford was told she’d been barred from Russia by the FSB security service in August and was labelled a ‘security threat’ – something she and the BBC deny.

The move comes during an unprecedented assault on rights and freedoms in Russia, where critics of the Kremlin are increasingly being labelled as hostile ‘agents’ of the West.

(c) BBC


  • “Sarah Rainsford was told she’d been barred from Russia by the FSB security service in August and was labelled a ‘security threat’”

    Won’t she still be a security threat if these Russian “journalists” are allowed back into the UK spreading their vile propaganda? It’s time Boris kicked all this trash out of the UK, and told Putin we won’t be blackmailed by your mafia country.

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    • Ruskie morons in the Kremlin are some of the few morons worldwide that can contradict themselves so blatantly.

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      • I think we all saw through the Kremlin lies as soon as she was banned. I’m not sure why the BBC needs to be in that shithole of a place, nothing is going to get through the Kremlin censors.

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  • Do not do it. Withdraw the bbc from Russia and close our and their embassies permanently. Then kick Abramovich out, seize CFC and his London cash and assets.
    Sorry, I live in a dreamworld.

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    • Would Rainsford herself want to go back to Russia? Next time she could wind up committing suicide, or being set up by the FSB on some trumped up charge.

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