Air defense robot. A strike drone from Turkey can change the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war

The Bayraktar air robot destroyed hundreds of Russian tanks and armored vehicles in Syria, Libya and the Caucasus. He turned the latest air defense systems, on which the Russian “defense” had high hopes, into a pile of scrap. And the Kremlin is literally hysterical because such drones are already working in Ukraine.

This bird can completely change the rules of the game on the Ukrainian-Russian front. And despite the Kremlin’s hysteria, Turkey has agreed to increase Ukraine’s arsenal of this unique weapon, “said TSN.Tyzhnya correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko, demonstrating what an air robot looks like.

The TSN.Tyzhnya team is the first journalists to see the work of Bayraktars in the Ukrainian war.

Almost every day, winged scouts rise into the air. “Bayraktar doesn’t stand in a warehouse, doesn’t have dust”, – the serviceman of division of the UAV “Nikolay” tells TSN.

Each flight is reconnaissance. The main task is not to miss the preparations for the offensive. Bayraktary is filming objects that pose a potential threat to the Ukrainian military.

The most valuable thing on this device is the camera. She sees at a distance of at least 50 kilometers. This means that Bayraktar does not need to cross the front line. All the movements of enemy equipment – from the advanced positions and almost to the border with Russia – the air robot sees in the palm of your hand.

“He even sees the car number,” a serviceman from the Mykola UAV unit told TSN.

One unmanned complex is three winged vehicles tied to a green van. This is a remote piloting point. He controls the flight of the drone.Ukraine has created a unique engine for the next generation Turkish drone / facebook.comUkraine has created a unique engine for the next generation Turkish drone /

“Inside is the biggest military secret of Bayraktars. And it’s not iron with electronic stuffing, but the people who run it,” said TSN.Tyzhnya special correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko.

They are called the crew, like the pilots at the helm of real planes. They were trained in Turkey. Operators see Bayraktar’s entire flight as if they were on board. The crew controls the drone and, if necessary, strikes within a radius of one hundred and fifty kilometers. These are new generation pilots – they do not need oxygen masks or high-altitude overalls, however, sometimes their efficiency is higher than in traditional aviation.

But there are caveats. The main ban before filming for TSN. Week was – in any case not to show their faces. Why?

“This is the latest type of weapon, it is used to destroy the enemy. And this is why the faces of the operators must be hidden,” the military said.

The possibilities of the complex are impressive. Even if the enemy destroys the control center, the clever Bayraktar will return and sit on the “concrete” on its own. In automatic mode. And the accuracy of winged drone strikes is simply sniper.

“It hits a hatch with a diameter of 30 centimeters. It’s such a high-precision bomb,” a serviceman from the Mykola UAV unit told TSN.

Now under his wings are two eight-kilogram MAM-C bombs. This is a laser-aimed ammunition that can hit a target from eight kilometers “in the apple”. Such accuracy is not cheap. In one container – an apartment in Kiev.

“Today, people’s lives are much more valuable than an apartment in Kyiv, Kharkiv or Lviv. In the event of an exacerbation, we must use these ammunition and save the lives of our soldiers,” said Mykola, a serviceman of the UAV unit.

Bayraktary will not miss any offensive actions. And the occupiers understand this well. Therefore, Russian propaganda, like a mantra, repeats the “scarecrow” that Turkish drones are about to bomb the occupied territories.

However, laser bombs will be used only in response to an attempt to break into the Ukrainian defense. But only a few Ukrainian winged robots, albeit state-of-the-art, will not be able to stop the horde.

“Today it is a tactical advantage of our Armed Forces, but if there are more of them, they will be a strategic advantage and will be able to change the course of the war one hundred percent,” a serviceman of the Mykola UAV unit told TSN.

That is why Russia is doing everything to make Turkey refuse to sell drones to Kyiv.The possibilities of the complex are impressive / photo UNIAN, Vladimir StrumkovskyThe possibilities of the complex are impressive / photo UNIAN, Vladimir Strumkovsky

Vladimir Putin even blackmailed Ankara, saying that it would stop the flow of Russian tourists to Turkish resorts in the event of the appearance of these unmanned birds in the Donbas.

But when Ukraine created a unique engine for the next-generation Turkish drone, the Ukrainian-Turkish alliance became a fait accompli. So, despite Russian blackmail, in the near future the fleet of our strike drones may grow to half a hundred units. Moreover, the construction of the Ukrainian Bayraktar service center will begin in November.

“As for the construction of Bayraktar in Ukraine, I believe that this project has already taken place. There were a number of obstacles to its implementation, but they have all been removed, and today we are pleased to note that there is already a plot of land on which to build plant “, – said the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

It is planned that the new generation of Bayraktars with elements of artificial intelligence will be assembled at this plant. They will choose their own goals and determine the degree of threat.

In the international arms markets, it is the turn of the years for such winged works. For Ukraine, this is a chance to join the elite club of high-tech drone manufacturers, which we simply do not have the right to lose. It is a question of survival in the wars of the future.

Andriy Tsaplienko, Ivan Holovach, Vitaliy Tkachuk

(c)UNIAN 2021

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