Construction of the Baykar Makina service center in Ukraine may begin in November

Construction in Ukraine of the service center of the Turkish company Baykar Makina, which manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, may begin in November this year, said Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran.

“It is planned to build a service center in our Ukraine for Bayraktar service, training, repair, and work has already begun. So far, we have bureaucratic procedures for registration of the land on which this service center will be built. We do not transfer the land to Bayraktar, the land remains our Ukrainian property, is part of the defense lands, and the service center is being built at the expense of Bayraktar, ”Taran told reporters in Kyiv on Wednesday.

The minister noted that construction of the center could begin, perhaps even next month.

“I hope that in the near future, perhaps even next month,” Taran added.



  1. All treaties signed with the turkish enemy will be declared void once the corrupt clown is removed from office. Europe eversince had three enemies: Russia, Germany and Turkey. Their imperialist ambitions must be crushed with an iron fist belonging to a good heart!

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    • In the meantime Ukraine is getting state of the art UAV’s from Turkey. Its interesting that Turkey was denied buying American UAV’s during the Obama admin so they started making their own and have really accelled. Now partnering with Turkey could help Ukraine with permanent first class UAV’s and another door into NATO.

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  2. I’m with Mike. I am wary of Turkey’s involvement in Ukraine (like bat virus land’s too). Ukraine is vulnerable, having Mordor sitting in two of its territories and numerous enemies in Europe, both EU and NATO members. It is too easy for a trash country to take advantage of Ukraine. Ukraine must never forget that nothing is for free … even if you’ve paid for it with money.

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