Ukroboronprom has published a list of Russian goods that need to be replaced by domestic and Western counterparts

Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine

Ukroboronprom has  published a  list of Russian- made components of military equipment subject to import substitution, which currently consists of more than 3,000 items.

“As of 2014, the dependence of the concern’s enterprises on Russian-made components amounted to more than 12,000 nomenclatures of various types of products,” said Roman Avramov, Procurement Director of Ukroboronprom. “However, during 2014-2019, due to the active involvement of the Concern’s enterprises of Ukrainian producers, partner countries and their own production facilities, about 4.5 thousand items of goods were replaced, and in 2020 – another 1.5 thousand.”

Today, the list of goods subject to import substitution published on the concern’s website consists of more than 3,000 units and is constantly updated. It is mainly about the need to replace the following groups of goods: micro- and radio electronics, special alloys and special materials, bearings, electrical appliances, measuring instruments and other components.

Note the interesting mathematics of the concern: in 2014 there were more than 12,000 goods that needed import substitution, in 2014-2020 6,000 were replaced, but in the list of those that still need replacement, for some reason there were 6,000, and “more than 3,000”.

The list of Russian components that need to be replaced can be found at the link .


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