Police blocked Memorial’s office after disrupting the screening of a film about the Holodomor. The fire alarm was withdrawn from there

Updated . At about 2 am on October 15, the police began to leave the Memorial office, seizing the fire alarm. Memorial employees were allowed to leave. No arrests were reported.


The police closed in the Memorial office 20 employees of the organization and a Polish citizen who had brought to the office a film about the Holodomor “Gareth Jones” by Polish director Agnieszka Holland for screening. Natalya Morozova, Memorial’s lawyer, told Meduza about this.https://t.me/novaya_pishet/30072?embed=1

According  to OVD-Info , the police were going to conduct an “inspection of the scene” in the premises of the “Memorial”, and later announced the seizure of equipment. They refused to let lawyers into the building.

Memorial lawyer Natalya Morozova told Dozhd that the police were waiting for “reinforcements” to seize the equipment.

Sota later reported that emergency personnel had arrived at the Memorial office and were allowed inside. After their arrival, the police, according  to Sota, began to seize the equipment.

Memorial employee Aleksandra Polivanova told Meduza that the police had seized elements of the fire alarm system. They were “declared to be DVRs,” writes Sota. Formally, disabling the alarm is a violation of fire safety, which implies sealing the building, Irina Kutilova, Memorial’s lawyer, explained to Meduza.

Svetlana Reiter / Meduza

On the evening of October 14, the police arrived at the Moscow office of Memorial upon a call from the organization’s employees. They went to the police because several dozen masked people, as well as the NTV film crew, came to them during the screening of the film “Gareth Jones”. People in masks took to the stage near the movie screen and began to chant “Fascists”, “Shame” and “Let’s not forget, we will not forgive.”

The bulk of those who broke in managed to leave the Memorial office before the arrival of the police. The police took several people away. The rest, including the viewers of the film screening and Memorial employees, they closed in the office. Viewers were handed out questionnaires for entering personal data and began to ask how they ended up on the screening and whether they were convicted. When the audience gave an explanation, they were released.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • The police removed the fire alarm. Declaring the office is now unsafe.. And closed the office of Memorial. Welcome to Russia!

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  • People in masks took to the stage near the movie screen and began to chant “Fascists”, “Shame” and “Let’s not forget, we will not forgive.”

    Typical response from dumbass Russians, let’s blame fascists for genocide committed by the leader of the USSR against Ukrainians.

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