“We are not going to put anyone in any exclusive conditions.” Putin – about Navalny in the colony

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the American TV channel CNBC within the framework of the World Energy Week forum. In it, he stated that the Russian authorities would not place in exclusive conditions the politician Alexei Navalny, who is serving time in a correctional colony in the Vladimir region.

Answering the question whether the Russian authorities are ready to raise the standard of living of Navalny, just as they intend to raise the standard of living of other citizens of the country, Putin agreed that the oppositionist “does not have the best conditions.”

But he’s not the only one. In addition to him, there are other people who also violated Russian laws, and we are not going to put anyone in any exclusive conditions, including those who hide behind political activities.

At the same time, Putin did not name Navalny by his last name; in the president’s speech, the opposition figured as “the citizen you mentioned.”

Putin previously stated that Navalny was convicted not for political activity, but for “criminal violations against foreign partners.” He repeated this position at the World Energy Week forum.

Navalny has been in custody since January 2021 – he was detained after returning from Germany, where he was treated after being poisoned by Novichok. In the colony, in accordance with the verdict, the politician will have to stay until mid-2024.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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