Siberian Man Marries His Axe Attacker

Love is… marrying the one who nearly kills you with an axe.

That appeared to be the guiding principle for the victim of one such attack when he proposed to his assailant during her trial in Siberia.

“During the trial, the man proposed to the defendant and they got married,” the Tomsk region’s prosecutor general’s office said in a press release Thursday.

“As a spouse, he asked the court not to imprison” the defendant, the office added without identifying the pair by name.

The prosecutor’s office went into detail about the incident in question, which it said took place “during consumption of alcohol with friends” back in 2019.

The now-67-year-old defendant “constantly argued” with her then-38-year-old boyfriend “because of his unwillingness to keep their apartment clean and orderly.”

“She came up behind the man who was busy watching TV and struck him with an axe multiple times in the head, ribs and neck,” the statement said.

The unidentified boyfriend “tried to convince the medics and police who answered the call that he had injured himself from an accidental fall,” the prosecutor’s office said.

The Tomsk regional district court found the woman guilty of grievous bodily harm but — likely due to the couple’s impromptu marriage — handed her a three-year suspended sentence and three years’ probation. Russia’s Criminal Code envisions a maximum prison sentence of 10 years for the crime.

The prosecutor’s office noted that the sentence has not yet entered into force and the couple can still presumably file an appeal.

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. I always thought Russians were a bit strange in the head, this just proves it. I’m not sure how you could sleep at night with an axe maniac beside you, especially if you left the apartment looking like a shithole.

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