Masked men disrupted the screening of a film about the Holodomor in the Moscow office of Memorial. They shouted “Shame” and “Fascists”

In Moscow, several dozen people in medical masks burst into the Memorial office . The press secretary of the organization, Yulia Orlova, told Mediazone about this .

Memorial hosted a screening of the film Gareth Jones by Polish director Agnieszka Holland. This is the story of the first Western journalist to write about the Holodomor – the mass famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933.

People in masks took to the stage and began to chant “Fascists”, “Shame” and “We will not forget, we will not forgive.” Together with them came the NTV film crew and “a woman from another state channel who has already made false stories about us, ” Irina Ostrovskaya, co-chairman of Memorial , told Kommersant.

Human rights activists called the police. The policemen who arrived “did not protect them,” journalist Sergei Parkhomenko wrote on Facebook. Actor Yevgeny Redko, who witnessed the events, told Novaya Gazeta that the security forces had taken three people away after they were detained by the Memorial employees themselves.

After that, the screening of the film continued, Mediazona writes. But Memorial’s Facebook says that, along with three people who tried to disrupt the screening, three Memorial employees were taken to the police. The rest of the people who came to the film screening were blocked by the police in the office, they are conducting an interrogation and seizing the recordings of the surveillance cameras.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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