Seven major accidents: Russia’s GTS in poor condition

Seven major accidents: Russia's GTS in poor condition

13.10.2021 13:00

The ground infrastructure of Russia’s gas transmission system is in poor condition.

That’s according to the article by the Center for Strategic Communications “Ukraine’s GTS capacity would be sufficient to cover demand of two Europes,” posted on Ukrinform.

The poor condition of the Russian GTS is confirmed by both its operating time and technical indicators. This is especially true of traditional transit routes – Urengoy, Progress, and Souyz.

Since the beginning of 2021 alone, the Russian GTS suffered seven major accidents: the one on the Perm-Gorky-1 trunk pipe, the emergency situation on the Kachkanar branch, accidents on the Soyuz and Orenburg-Novopskov pipelines, fires at the Yubileyniy field, a branch to the Beloretsk gas distribution system, the Central Asia-Center 2 and Urengoy-Center 2 pipelines.

Earlier, the chief of Gas TSO of Ukraine Sergiy Makogon said the statistics of emergencies recorded suggest that Russia should boost investment in supporting its own GTS.

Nord Stream is only a small part of Russia’s GTS that requires daily attention. Therefore, the money spent on the excessive Nord Stream 2 could be spent on upgrading Russia’s existing GTS, Makogon said.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, the Ukrainian GTS is undergoing further modernization. Since year-start, more than UAH 4.6 billion has been spent to its end.



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