Russia favors the import of railway wheels from Ukraine due to shortages

Photo: Interpipe

Some Russian railway operators plan to offer the Russian government to temporarily lift the ban on imports of railway wheels from Ukraine to Russia, including those produced by the Ukrainian company Interpipe.

According to him, some Russian railway operators are proposing to temporarily lift the ban on imports of Ukrainian railway wheels to Russia in order to solve the problem of rising prices for all-rolled wheels in the country.

Russian operators have begun to withdraw cars from repairs en masse amid growing demand for freight, which could lead to a local deficit.

The shortage of railway wheels may also be exacerbated by the shutdown on the maintenance of the main producers – the Vyksa plant of the United Metallurgical Company and Evraz NTMK of the Evraz Group.

“The presence of an alternative manufacturer, be it Ukraine, would allow to smooth out these price fluctuations,” – said the executive director of the Union of Railway Operators (SOZHT) Alexei Druzhinin.

In the last few years, Interpipe has been supplying railway wheels to the Russian market on the terms of a 34.22% barrier duty. The protective measure was suspended for the year in the summer of 2019. Since December 2020, the import of Ukrainian products has been completely banned, as it was included in the list of sanctions for products banned from import from Ukraine.



    • I am afraid that short of going to war the only way to bring down the ruSSo-fuhrer is to turn the oligarchs on him. It seems the only way to do that is to shut them down or raise the cost of their business. This is a good example; tell him NO or get something in trade. Give us Yanukobytch or return an oil platform, something. Certainly closer the border and closing trade will hasten the end of this occupation.

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