It is quite realistic to build an airport in Dnipro by the end of next year – Yaroslavsky

Alexander Yaroslavsky said that as of today, several important stages of construction have already been passed.

Today Alexander Yaroslavsky visited the construction site of the Dnepr International Airport, where his DCH group is building an air terminal complex.

Local journalists, who were filming a report on the progress of work, was able to ask him some questions, said ” The Informant .”

Alexander Yaroslavsky said that as of today, several important stages of construction have already been passed. General construction work on the passenger terminal has been completed by 30%. Now the concrete work and the installation of metal structures are progressing at the 3.0 level, the workers have begun laying utility networks. For the building of the administrative building, the preparation of the pile field has been completed, the grillage is being poured – the upper part of the foundation that distributes the load of the supporting structures. And at the site where the VIP terminal is being built, they began to drive in piles.

DCH has already invested more than UAH 200 million in the project of creating an air terminal complex at the Dnipro International Airport.

“The work is progressing at an accelerated pace, I control the construction of the terminal complex every minute and hourly. In addition, the issue of the construction of the airfield has now been resolved, a powerful operator, Onur, is entering the site. I am sure that we can complete the construction of the airport at the end of next, 2022, year. And Ukraine will get another luxurious airport, “Yaroslavsky said.

As you know, Onur Construction International won the tender for the construction of an airfield at the Dnepr International Airport. According to the terms of the tender, the contractor must build a 3.2 km runway, taxiways, apron and the necessary runway infrastructure. According to the Dnipro media, Onur has already signed an agreement and plans to enter the construction site early next week.

(C)UNIAN 2021


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