In Ust-Kut, a school director was fired, which supported an opposition candidate to the State Duma. She was told that she was “not on the team of United Russia”

In the city of Ust-Kut, Irkutsk region, the director of school No. 4 Olga Zueva was fired for publicly supporting the State Duma candidate Alexei Tupitsin, who ran for the Yabloko party. The publication ” Siberia.Realii ” writes about this with reference to Zueva herself.

Before the elections, she and her colleague, the director of school No. 2 in Ust-Kut, Lyudmila Lenskaya, recorded a video in which they spoke well of Tupitsin. After that, according to Zueva, the Minister of Education of the Irkutsk Region Maxim Parfenov arrived in Ust-Kut and threatened the directors with dismissal if they were “not in the team of United Russia”.

In addition, on October 5, a rally of the pro-government National Liberation Movement (NOD) was held in Irkutsk, the participants of which stated that teachers “have no moral right” to speak out for Tupitsin, since he supported opposition leader Alexei Navalny, whose structures were declared extremist organizations. Members of the NOD collected signatures on a petition for the dismissal of teachers.

According to the order of the deputy head of the Ust-Kut education department, to which Siberia.Realii refers, the employment contract with Zueva was terminated unilaterally without explanation (Article 278 of the Labor Code allows this to be done).

It is not known whether Lenskaya was fired. According to Tupicin, she is now in the hospital. “For now, sources in the administration say that officials have already prepared documents for sending Lenskaya to retire as soon as she is discharged from the hospital,” the activist said.

Sibir.Realii was unable to receive comments on the dismissal of the headmistresses in the Irkutsk Oblast government or the Ust-Kut administration.

Activist and human rights defender Aleksey Tupitsin was a candidate for the State Duma. Earlier, in April of this year, he was arrested for 9 days on charges of organizing a rally in support of Navalny, although there was no event. The human rights activist went on a hunger strike, during which doctors diagnosed him with intoxication and high blood pressure.SIBERIA.REALITIES

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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