The government proposed to criminalize drunk driving – even if the driver did not commit an accident

The Russian government is working on another toughening of penalties for drunk driving. The corresponding instructions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice were given by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, writes Kommersant. 

Among the possible innovations – a ban for those who are caught drunk driving, to operate all types of transport: cars, airplanes, snowmobiles, boats, trains. In addition, all people deprived of their rights for drunk driving are supposed to be registered with drug dispensaries. 

The government is also considering a lifelong downgrade for drivers who are re-caught drunk driving. In addition, the option of criminal prosecution for the very fact of being drunk is being considered.

“Mortality on roads with the participation of drunken drivers has decreased, but at a much lower rate than mortality in accidents not related to drunkenness,” Marat Khusnullin explained to Kommersant. fruits, but in the fight against drunk drivers it does not help. “KOMMERSANT

In recent years, the authorities have tightened the punishment for drunk driving several times. In 2019, the maximum prison sentence for a drunken traffic accident with victims was increased from nine to 15 years. In 2021, the criminal punishment for road traffic accidents without casualties for drunk drivers, whose driving license had previously been revoked, was tightened.

In 2020, in Russia every seventh accident occurred involving drunk drivers. Moreover, such accidents accounted for 28% of all deaths. 

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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