The former deputy prosecutor of Odessa and a Russian woman will build a hotel on the seashore in the area of ​​Cape Bolshoi Fontan  

Urban planning conditions and restrictions on the reconstruction of non-residential buildings of the restaurant, bar, cafe and recreation complex “Katran”, located at Mayachny pereulok, 13, were recently issued by the municipal department of architecture LLC “Ribolov Odesa”.

We are talking about buildings located on the very shore of the sea, in the area of ​​Cape Bolshoy Fontan, the correspondent of “Dumskaya” reports.

The firm intends to build a four-storey hotel there with a cafe, a swimming pool, a high flower bed and a certain pedestrian zone.

Ribolov Odesa LLC was registered in January this year. The director and one of the beneficiaries of the company is a citizen of the Russian Federation Sofia Galaeva, the other co-founders are Igor Rozhko, Alexander and Elena Neykov.

Alexander Neykov is the father, and Elena Neykova is the wife of Sergei Neykov, who until August 2015 served as the city’s deputy prosecutor (and almost fell under lustration). Now he is the acting rector of a private university – the Odessa Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law.

Sergey Neykov, photo


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