How to quickly stop the war in Donbass and liberate Crimea in 5 minutes: Arestovich revealed the “recipe”

09:27, 11.10.21 – UNIAN

The war in the east of the Ukrainian state can be stopped after one call, says the speaker of our delegation to the Tripartite Contact Group.

All personal responsibility for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine lies with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the east of Ukraine war can be stopped by one call, said the speaker of the Ukrainian delegation in the Trilateral contact group (Ukraine, Russia, OSCE) to resolve the situation in the Donbass, a freelance adviser to head the Office of the President Alex Arestovych the TV channel “Home” .

According to him, by the decision of the Russian leader Crimea can be released in five minutes.

“… The war in Donbass can be stopped by one call. Crimea can be deoccupied in five minutes by the decision of the head of the Russian Federation and only by his personal decision. And, accordingly, all personal responsibility lies on him,” the interlocutor said.

The speaker added that Kyiv is following a political-diplomatic path to resolving the conflict, but at the same time improving the defense sphere, as diplomacy is good when it relies on the country’s ability to defend itself.

“… we are taking more and more initiatives to keep our political counterparts from the Russian Federation in tune. And they have been forced to answer to us, and to the world community, and to history, why they are not implementing the agreement. (Minsk agreements on Donbass – Ed.), Which they signed themselves, “Arestovich said.

We will remind, Russia in 2014 went on aggression against Ukraine – captured the Crimea, invaded a part of Donbass and supported fighters who created so-called “DNR” and “LNR”.

A number of countries around the world did not recognize Crimea as “Russian” and punished the Russian authorities for aggression – they imposed sanctions.

To resolve the situation in Donbass, the Minsk Protocol was signed on September 5, 2014. Two more documents were later signed. Under the documents is the signature of the representative of Russia. 

Russia claims that there is a “civil war” in Donbass and calls itself only a “mediator”.

The issue of Crimea in Russia is called “closed”. Ukraine created the Crimean Platform for the deoccupation of the peninsula , and its first summit took place on August 23 .

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