Zorya – Mashproekt completes testing of civil version of its new gas turbine engine

Zorya-Mashproekt completes testing of the civil version of its new gas turbine engine with a nominal capacity of 32 MW. China may be interested in such a development. The general director of the state enterprise Alexey Zhukovets reported about it and added that the following stage will be creation of its military (sea) version.

“We have a promising 32 MW engine. Our newest engine, which could be equipped with large powerful ships. Now we are finishing testing it in the civilian version and it would be possible to move on to making the marine version, ”he said.

Due to the large capacity of the new AMD, they will not be able to equip relatively small warships (corvette or frigate) – they use much smaller turbines (up to 20 MW). Therefore, the most probable customer of such products at the enterprise is considered to be China, which builds large ships en masse (in particular, destroyers of various types).

“This is probably the most promising engine that could be offered to the Chinese market. Because this is a country that builds big ships and it may be necessary there, ”Oleksiy Zhukovets said.

He also added that talks on this issue with Chinese representatives have already taken place, but at that time no agreement was reached due to financial issues.

The first successful test trials of the new 32 MW WMD at Zorya-Mashproekt became known in August 2018. In the summer of 2020, the company announced the intensification of work on the creation of a new basic gas turbine engine in the “civilian” version.



  • “This is probably the most promising engine that could be offered to the Chinese market.”
    Ukraine is between the proverbial rock and hard place. Ir needs to engage in business with whomever it can but doing so with bat virus land brings with it various pitfalls. The most serious one being that bat virus land will reverse-engineer the power plant and pull the rug from underneath Ukraine’s feet.

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