A retired SBU employee who oversaw the fight against corruption and organized crime, became an adviser to Trukhanov

Gennady Trukhanov has a new adviser-consultant to the Odessa mayor in public.  

The corresponding order was published on the website of the mayor’s office. It was Sergey Shpakov, who took up his duties on October 7.

Sources in law enforcement agencies told “Dumskaya” that earlier Shpakov worked in the regional department of the Security Service of Ukraine. For some time he headed the “K” department, which oversees the fight against corruption and organized crime.

It is also known that Shpakov worked as an operative for especially important cases of the SBU administration in the Odessa region.

In this position, he was awarded an honorary diploma of the executive committee of the Odessa City Council back in 2008 – “for high achievements in operational and service activities, initiative, perseverance and dedication to the protection of the constitutional order in Ukraine”.


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