Russia could shut down its mission in NATO

The Alliance decided to reduce the staff twice

Moscow considers closing its mission in the NATO, as the Alliance dedided to cut the size of the staff that works there.

According to Kommersant, which cites its sources, “respective measures are now being approved on the inter-agency level. However, they will certainly concern the Military Mission for Connection of the NATO in Moscow”, reads the message.

It’s still not clear whether the restrictions would concern the NATO Information Bureau in Moscow.

According to the outlet, the sources do not rule out that Russia would take action and close the mission all by itself. 

“Unless the Alliance regains consciousness, it may as well end up with closing our office there”, one of the interlocutors told Interfax.

On June 7, Secretary General of the NATO Jens Stoltenberg came up with the initiative to gaither the session of NATO-Russia council. The official is confident that multiple exchange of information about military maneuvers could become a topic for discussion – “to avoid misunderstandings and possible escalation”.

Later, the NATO Secretary General added that Russia-NATO relations have worsened lately. 

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  • If NATO was run like it should be run, there would be no option of closing it down, it wouldn’t exist to begin with. I don’t recall NATO having a mission in Russia, so why the hell should NATO open it’s doors to spies and terrorists?

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  • Why Russia has a FSB SPY-OFFICE for decades in NATO anyhow?

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  • Mafia land has a mission with NATO? Isn’t NATO the monster under the bed of the little mafia muskrat?

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    • We need some Confederate spirit in the States. The South must rise again and restore moralty, dignity and liberty. We are the last people that cannot be converted or vaccinated. Are you with me, brother?! Step into the light and support the army that opposes tyranny and bankruptcy!

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  • I am now on Windows 11. Best OS since XP/Vista. Although i found one bug. If you pin too many programs to the start menu, some won’t be displayed until you restart Windows. About the article, Nato and the US are run by either dreamers or idiots, or both. RuSSia and China pose an existential threat to us, yet we continue to appease instead of confronting the threat

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