Putin is using gas to blackmail Europe

Germany shouldn’t be so naive in its relationship with Moscow: energy is power.

7 October 2021 •

When it comes to containing Russia, European politicians need to wake up before it is too late. The continent was already dependent upon Moscow for 43 per cent of its gas imports last year,leaving it dangerously vulnerable to blackmail. There are signs this might already be happening in Germany.

When Angela Merkel, the outgoing German Chancellor, supported the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, the goals were to provide cheap fuel to her country, reducing coal and avoiding nuclear, and to bind Russia closer to the West through economic partnership – an extension of the Ostpolitik of the Cold War. She greatly irritated her American allies who, rightly, saw a wider Russian strategy at play.

Russia is now accused of sitting on gas exports to Europe in order to pressure the German regulator to sign off on Nord Stream 2 faster. If true, why should this surprise anyone? Russia has manipulated supplies to other nations before for political gain; one of its goals with this pipeline is to bypass Ukraine, the country it has divided. Moscow does not see trade in true free market terms, as an exchange that seeks to mutually enrich. It weaponises everything. Vladimir Putin’s announcement that he will now raise exports is another bid to establish himself as an energy tsar, and Nord Stream 2 will leave Europeans even more at the whim of Moscow and the prices it sets.

The new German government ought to reconsider Nord Stream 2 but, desperate to alleviate its own economic difficulties, might not have the political capital to do so. It is a dire warning of what happens if you leave yourself vulnerable to Moscow.


  • “It is a dire warning of what happens if you leave yourself vulnerable to Moscow.”
    Well, ain’t that the truth. Conclusion: Merkel and her predecessor Schroeder have been Russian assets for the past 30 years.

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    • I don’t think these politicians that bow to vvp realize that if Ukraine succeeds, his country will want to succeed too. By not helping Ukraine they are helping vvp and his fascist imperialism.

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      • Once Ukraine get on their feet, there will be a lot of European politicians sweating, when Ukraine remember who sold them down the river.

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        • Sadly I’m coming to the conclusion that Ukraine will never join the EU or Nato; Europe is full of pro-putler politicians and even when one fucks off: eg Merkel, they will likely be replaced by another worthless piece of shit.
          The Budapest signatories have reneged, so Ukraine needs to seek new alliances, wherever they may be.
          I subscribe to the DT because it was my father’s favourite, but it’s also the most anti-putler of the UK press. Not saying much I grant you. Also, apart from the obvious kremtrolls there are plenty of
          Ukip cunts who post kremkrapp. I usually reply with insults, but the mods cull them. I occasionally get the odd ‘putler’ or ‘kremkrapper’ in there. Here are a couple of fucks that I replied to:

          John Goodier
          8 Oct 2021 12:47PM
          “The EU and UK need to focus on things they can do. Large reliance on Russian gas is not going to end in a hurry but they need to work on removing that reliance. The gas pipeline away from the Ukraine makes sense because the Russia/Ukraine dispute is not going away soon and it is not a simple one side at fault situation.
          About 2/3 of the population of Crimea are Russian. It was handed to Ukraine under the USSR without the freely expressed consent of the Crimeans. No one has seriously suggested that a majority of Crimeans do not want to be Russian.
          Russia should not have invaded under international law. However many argue that China should not have taken over Tibet, but it did, the EU and the UK accept the realities of the situation there and they run huge parts of their economies through China.
          Crimea is home to key Russian military facilities, which were only on lease from Ukraine. The political instability in the Ukraine resulting in a pro-Russian leader being ousted for what Russia saw was an anti-Russian leader made it realise that it could not guarantee the security and longevity of its base. The result was the invasion. Ukraine responded by damming the North Crimea Canal that supplies about 85% of Crimea’s water seeking to starve and thirst out Russia (and with it the civilian population).
          The truth is the west will never go to WW3 and nuclear annihilation over Ukraine or the Crimea. It is not in NATO and never will be. It is not in the EU and never will be.
          It is likely that Russia will turn off the gas to Ukraine at some time. It built the gas pipeline to enable it to do that but keep getting Euros and pounds coming in through gas sales and ensuring that when it turns off the power to Ukraine it will not affect the EU and the UK: so bar as few diplomatic grizzles they won’t do anything much to Russia. Everyone knows this.
          A simple EU and UK acknowledgement to Russia of the reality that Crimea is now Russian again; re-stating the position that international boundaries should not be changed by force, but acknowledging the ethnic and historic situation in the Crimea; accepting that it would appear that the majority of the residents of the Crimea want to be Russian; accepting that the Crimea was transferred to Ukraine without the freely exercised consent of Crimeans; stating that it is never acceptable to use water supplies to civilian populations as a weapon; and calling for both sides to re-double diplomatic efforts to resolve their differences which should be treated as a bilateral issue between those 2 countries should assist in many areas.”

          Ealing Ealing
          8 Oct 2021 4:12PM
          “This is really simple. Nord Stream 2 became an essential delivery mechanism for both supplier and ciustomer whem Ukraine began stealing the gas which was being delivered by the pipeline which ran through that country. If Ukraine hadn’t embarked on wholesale theft the alternative delivery machanism would not have been necessary. “

          I hate these right wing putler jackboot lickers; they are worse than the commies.

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          • They sound almost like Russians. Plenty of whataboutism and fake historical facts that can be found on RT or TASS at any time. This garbage shouldn’t see the light of day, are the moderators of these comments also employed by the Kremlin?

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