From the FB page of the British Embassy, Kyiv

Oct 7, 2021

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon joins Babyn Yar commemorations in Kyiv

Yesterday, the Minister of State for South Asia and the Commonwealth and the Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon represented the Prime Minister at an official ceremony in Kyiv to mark the 80th anniversary of the Babyn Yar massacre.

He joined the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Israel Isaac Herzog, President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, relatives of the victims, representatives of religious communities, international dignitaries, and others in remembering the victims of a mass execution of primarily Jewish people, as well as other minorities and dissidents, at the Babyn Yar ravine in Kyiv. Between 1941 and 1943, it is estimated that 70,000 to 100,000 people were shot at Babyn Yar, including almost the entire Jewish population of the city.

Reflecting on this day, Lord Ahmad commented:

“Today we remember all those murdered at Babyn Yar: primarily Jewish men, women, and children as well as Roma and disabled victims, among others. It is our duty to remember them, and the other victims of the Holocaust, and to prevent such atrocities from happening again.

“Thank you President Zelenskyy for bringing the international community together to remember and reflect on one of the worst crimes in history”.

NeverAgain #WeRemember #NeverForget #BabynYar80


  • Enemies of Ukraine (putlerstan obviously) took the opportunity to accuse Ukrainians of collaboration. Obviously they conveniently forgot about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the 300,000 Russians who fought for Hitler.

    There were unfortunately plenty of local collaborators in all the countries where the nazis were conducting their satanic activities. Such people exist everywhere. France and Poland in particular were afflicted. French women in particular threw themselves at nazi invaders, especially in Vichy.

    Ukraine however is almost unique in having sustained mass murder and suffering inflicted by not one, but two imperialist fascist powers : Russia, Germany and then Russia again.
    Ukraine was one of the most Jewish countries in the world until the Russian empire started the pogroms which led to the constant exodus which lasted from the 19th century at the time of the vile Russian fake document : “the protocols of the elders of Zion” (the inspiration for naziism) until WW2, when the nazis decided to finish them off.
    Today it’s a different story in Ukraine: Jews are increasing their population (there is now even some inward immigration), they can walk around any city in full religious regalia without fear of attack, their culture is integrated and they partake fully in local and national affairs. Since the Maidan Revolution of Dignity, there has been a Jewish Prime Minister and now a Jewish president; the only one in the world outside Israel.

    I strongly believe that Israel should be much more friendly to Ukraine and a lot less so to putlerstan, which after all supplies the weaponry that kills Israelis.

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  • “Other minorities” in this context refers to Gypsies, gays and disabled.
    To remind you of how satanic the nazis were, here is a quote from a forthcoming documentary: David Wilkinson :
    “Did you know,” he says, “that at Auschwitz, when they ran out of Zyklon B, the guards for a bit of a joke would grab newly-born babies and young children, open up the ovens and throw them in alive for the fun of hearing them scream?”

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  • Lord Ahmad is from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, an enlightened group that suffers persecution and death from the izlamonazis because of its benign and peaceful world view. He is a Conservative Peer who takes an interest in countering extremism in all its forms.

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