received a “secret archive” with recordings of torture in Russian colonies. Videos of rapes of three prisoners of the FSIN published and the prosecutor’s office announced checks

The human rights project received 40 gigabytes of records of torture and rape of prisoners in Russian colonies. “Secret archives of special services”, as said the founder Vladimir Osechkin, human rights activists handed programmer who for five years at the time of his imprisonment had access to computers FSIN in the Saratov region. In September, already published five photographs of scenes of sexual violence and torture in a prison hospital in the Saratov region. Videos of the rapes of three prisoners in the hospital have now been published .

The prisoners, Osechkin said , were bullied by undercover agents of the FSB and FSIN . Torture and rape were filmed on official video recorders. Human rights defenders, Osechkin added , have evidence of involvement in the torture of employees of the Main Operational Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service, as well as the operational directorates of the GUFSIN in the Irkutsk Region, the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Saratov Region and the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Vladimir Region. plans to publish this evidence in several stages.

The Federal Service for the Execution of Punishments began an official investigation after the publication of the torture of prisoners in the hospital. “A group of employees of the central office was sent to the Saratov region by the director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, Alexander Kalashnikov, to verify the reliability of the information, ” Interfax reported with reference to the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service. The inspection, they stressed in the Penitentiary Service, is under the special control of the leadership of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

The Prosecutor General’s Office also began its own check . According to the results of the audit, said the official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office Andrei Ivanov, “an assessment will be made of the observance of the rights of convicts to personal safety, as well as the execution by the employees of the penal system of their official duties to ensure the rights of persons serving sentences will be checked.”

Updated . The Investigative Committee 

opened a criminal case under the article on violent acts of a sexual nature committed by a group of persons in a preliminary conspiracy.

“First you have to check everything.” So the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov answered on October 5 journalists’ questions about the video recordings of torture and rape. “If the authenticity of the materials is confirmed, then, of course, this is a pretext for a serious investigation,” said Peskov, stressing once again that “first we must quickly but calmly sort out and establish the authenticity of these materials.”

“There were no complaints in conversations with the prisoners,” said Denis Sobolev, chairman of the public oversight commission of the Saratov region. POC members, he said, have repeatedly visited the prison hospital over the past six months, where, according to, records were made, but no one told them about torture and rape. Regional Ombudsman Nadezhda Sukhova also stated that there were no complaints from prisoners about torture.

The site of the project was subjected to a DDoS attack after the announcement of the “secret archive of the special services” . According to the founder of, the cyberattack is the revenge of the FSB and the FSIN for exposing their secret methods and  exporting a video archive from Russia .

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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  • These human atrocities have been going on every single day for over 7 years and leaders in Europe know it. They just don’t want to know about it because it might upset the Kremlin Gremlin and of course we can’t have that because the gas prices might go up.
    Unfuckingbelievable. I guess to them, it is politically correct to kill Ukrainians which means there isn’t much difference between Merkel and Hitler or Stalin.

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