38% of the Levada Center poll participants said they voted for United Russia. Its official result is 49%

38% of the participants in  the Levada Center poll reported that they voted for United Russia in the elections to the State Duma. 24% voted for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 9% for Fair Russia, 7% for the Liberal Democratic Party and 6% for the New People party. Another 10% refused to talk about their preferences.

Of all survey participants, 55% said they had taken part in the elections.

According to official data from the CEC, 49.82% of Russians voted for United Russia on party lists, 18.93% for the Communist Party, 7.55% for the Liberal Democratic Party, 7.46% for Fair Russia, and New people “- 5.32%. The official turnout was 51.72%.

(c)MEDUZA 2021


  • The Levada Center is usually a reliable pollster. However, everything about mafia land is open to be doubted. Elections in particular. Mafia land is not in the least a democracy. Elections there and discussions about these slapstick events are a complete waste of time.

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    • It’s pretty telling when the ruSSo-mafia did everything possible short of assassinations to keep the opposition off the ballot and still they only end up with a max of 38%. If it was a fair election their results likely would have been half of that. Remember, when Vladolf ran last time he ran as an independent. Even he didn’t want to be associated with the Party he created.

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      • All govt employees and employees of companies controlled by the putler murder gang are ordered to vote for Yedinaya Rossiya, or face the sack or worse. Similarly, in the Georgian election, everyone from street cleaners to govt officials are ordered to vote for Georgia Nightmare, or be sacked. That’s how criminal regimes stay in power.

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