The Russian publicist explained why it is profitable for Putin to kill Ukrainians in Donbas

According to Andriy Piontkovsky, German Chancellor Angela Merkel can help implement the “silence regime”.Piontkovsky revealed Putin's logic / photo by REUTERSPiontkovsky revealed Putin’s logic / photo by REUTERS

The aggravation of the situation in Donbass and the death of the Ukrainian military there are beneficial to Russian President Vladimir Putin – he gets the opportunity to manipulate the topic of “Minsk”.

This opinion was expressed by publicist and political scientist from the Russian Federation Andriy Piontkovsky on the air of Ukraine 24 TV channel .

In his opinion, a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine is possible due to interference in the talks of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“There is an issue that can be discussed with Putin with the right statement – a ceasefire. We need to resolve this humanitarian issue in the Normandy format with the assistance of Merkel,” he said.

Piontkovsky reminded that the agreement on Donbass cannot be reached within seven years, and the difficult situation there is favorable to the president of the Russian Federation.

“Just shootings and deaths of Ukrainian servicemen are the most important element for Putin in the context of interpretations of the Minsk agreements. He directly says: until you agree to our political conditions, to implement ORDLO, change the Constitution – I will kill your servicemen on the ceasefire. The issue of Angela Merkel’s desire to do something good for the world before retirement is widely discussed . So let’s actively involve her, “the political scientist added. 

(C)UNIAN 2021


  1. Merkel is not willing to do anything good. At least, not for Ukraine. Seven years of expelling hot, smelly air were enough evidence for this. Whipping through NSII was the crowning inglorious act.
    At any rate, Pew-tin is still killing Ukrainians simply because the West is lacking strong and intelligent leadership. A Churchill or a Reagan would have already put a stop to this child-molesting, chipmunk dictator.

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  2. Angela “Wir schaffen das!” Merkel, one of the most destructive forces in post war united Germany and then Putin, the man who consider ukrainians being his own people but see nothing wrong in killing them.
    Hard to see any hope these days.

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