Gennady Zyuganov wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin. He complained about the “police harassment” of supporters of the Communist Party

In the letter, Zyuganov complained about the detention of members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation after the protest actions that took place on Pushkin Square in Moscow on September 20 and 25. 

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation stressed that these detentions were groundless and illegal, expressing the opinion that “the customers and perpetrators of these and a number of other illegal actions are guided not by the provisions of the law and the interests of public safety, but by poorly understood political expediency.” 

Zyuganov also criticized the three-day format of elections and online voting, comparing them to “a bomb that could sooner or later explode stability in society.” 

Instead of establishing a constructive dialogue with the leading parliamentary party, administrative pressure on the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is increasing, and the facts of police persecution of its activists and supporters are multiplying. The unjustified cruelty and scope of these violent actions are growing before our very eyes. 

The leader of the Communist Party asked Putin “to take strict measures aimed at bringing to justice officials guilty of exceeding their powers.”  

The actions on September 20 and 25 were announced as meetings of deputies with voters, which, according to the law, do not require approval. There were no arrests at the rallies themselves, but later the police began to come home to their participants and draw up protocols.

Communist Party activists announced their disagreement with the results of online voting in Moscow. Because of them, not a single candidate from the party got into the Duma in the city’s single-mandate districts, although several people confidently led the way when summing up the results of the regular voting.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • Commies doing what commies do…..complain.
    If you want to make changes in Mordor you have to do A LOT more than complain, they’re just getting in the media now. Amazing nothing happened after Vladolf stole another election. Its becoming more and more true that Ukraine is alone in their struggle with fascism in Europe. I guess the democracies in Europe aren’t as strong as they profess.

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  • The question here is, who are the bigger dirtbags; Putin and his gang of crooks or the commies.

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  • Are the commies not to blame for Russia being a nazi state? Wasn’t it the commies that crushed any dissent and sent people to the gulag for no reason? As the old saying goes, you reap what you sow.

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