Breakthrough decisions regarding practical integration of Ukraine to be adopted at Ukraine-EU summit – FM

Breakthrough decisions regarding practical integration of Ukraine to be adopted at Ukraine-EU summit – FM

At the Ukraine-EU summit, which will be held in Kyiv on October 12, several specific breakthrough decisions will be made that will relate to the practical integration of Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said.

“There will be some specific breakthrough decisions that will relate to our practical integration. This integration will bring specific economic benefits for Ukrainian business and citizens,” Kuleba said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stressed that Ukraine would fight to provide a European perspective, but added that “it is necessary to realistically assess the ending of the struggle.”

“We certainly press on the EU, demand to provide us with a European perspective. But I think that we need to realistically assess the end of the struggle and the EU’s readiness to include this very provision at the October 12 summit. Nevertheless, we will be fighting for this,” he assured.

At the same time, Kuleba expressed confidence that Ukraine would become a NATO member.

“I have no doubts that Ukraine will be a NATO member. This is a political decision, and this is a matter of time and balance that will be created at a certain moment in the Euro-Atlantic space,” he explained.



  • No one is battling harder for Ukraine than
    Dmytro Kuleba. He is making the best he can of a very difficult hand. Good luck to him.

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  • Fuck the EU! Go for Nato! Ukraine is rich in resources and smart people. Ukraine needs all corruption to be wiped instead of german occupation. If Ukraine would have the same status as Norway all will be fine!

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    • Agreed, Ukraine should join the other neighbors of Mordor and form the EEU.

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      • Absolutely. Until the Empire will come to life will still take some time, but i am working on it. The elites must form a union to set themselves apart from failed states and failed systems.

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        • Good, I’m glad you’re working on it.

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          • Yeah. Can you imagine Ukraine in the EU, with Germany, Hungary and Italy. They would get boycotted 24/7 and not receive any cash unlike Poland. The excuses would go from corruption, courts, free media, languages of minorities, to Minsk. Or a union with the former UK, like Germany and France, full of 3rd world retards. I think i’m on the right track here. BTW, today they will launch Windows 11, i will try it. Hopefully finally a working OS again by Microsoft since XP was released. 😎

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      • Redders, I understand you hate the EU. So do I. However, if an offer came from the EU for Ukraine to join, which I believe is highly unlikely, they would be mad to decline. The EU is fantastic for poor countries. You only have to look at Ireland and Portugal for proof of that. For the countries formerly occupied by Russian scum, the differences are even more stark. The Visegrád Group and Pribaltika are now successful middle income countries. Poland for example, only joined in 2004. At that time it’s economy was little different to Ukraine. It has now been estimated that it would take Ukraine 50 years to catch up. That is, unless it joins the EU, or a similar bloc that has not yet been invented (except by me).
        Visegrad and Pribaltika will never leave the EU unless a better offer comes along, such as CanUKUSAusNZ.

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  • It’s a big mistake for Ukraine to only be gawking at EU money. This money comes at a price that many might not be willing to pay.

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