Ukrainian kamikaze drone “Thunder” has passed flight tests

Barrage ammunition “Thunder” ST-35 before launch Photo: ArmyInform

The strike unmanned aerial vehicle complex “Thunder” developed by the Research and Production Enterprise “Athlon-Avia” was tested.

The Ukrainian strike unmanned aerial vehicle “Thunder” consisting of a kamikaze drone (still called barrage ammunition) and a multicopter, has passed flight tests, writes ArmyInform.

Barrage ammunition “Thunder” ST-35 in flight Photo: ArmyInform

“Thunder” is positioned as a means of high-precision defeat of targets. The peculiarity of the application of this complex is the possibility of hitting targets in closed positions and the use of different types of combat units.

To increase the duration and range of the flight, the complex includes a multicopter.

Landing of “Thunder” ST-35 during tests Photo: ArmyInform

It is designed for air transportation and vertical launch of barrage ammunition. With its help, the kamikaze drone “Thunder” can be raised to a height of 500-700 meters.

After launching the barrage ammunition, the multicopter retransmits control signals and payload data.

“It is designed to hit particularly important targets within a radius of 30 kilometers, including radar stations, command posts, fuel and lubricant depots, and ammunition depots. Its flight time is about 1 hour, and the cruising speed is 120-140 kilometers per hour, ”said a representative of the manufacturer Vadym Shulika.

The aerodynamic scheme with the X-shaped layout of the kamikaze drone “Thunder” provides high accuracy when aiming at the target for its defeat on a vertical trajectory.

The drone is controlled by the operator with the help of a tablet, and he chooses the target to hit.

The Kamikaze drone “Thunder” can use a wide range of warheads (high-explosive, thermobaric, incendiary, cumulative) to hit particularly important targets and critical infrastructure, including Radar, EW complexes, elements of communication and control systems, ammunition and fuel depots, etc.

Many years of experience in the development, production and maintenance of the life cycle of unmanned aerial systems for military use in military conflicts were used in the creation of the complex.


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